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Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool 22.0 - Launch with Exclusive Features

2022-06-23 01:22:40 Technology


16-05-2022 - Noida, India. Cigati Software is one of the most trusted and reliable service providers in the field of email export, email backup, data recovery, email migration, repair, and databases. Cigati is again introducing one of the most efficient Cigati VHDX Recovery Tool that belongs to data recovery category i.e. Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool.

The Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool is the most trustworthy and reliable tool to recover data from damaged or corrupted virtual machine disk files. This advanced software supports all file formats like FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX. Also, this Cigati software can easily restore data from MBR and GPT partition tables. The VMDK Recovery tool has a simple user interface that is very useful for technical and non-technical users. This software maintaining the data integrity and is equipped with excellent features for ease of users.

Advanced Features of the VMDK Recovery Tool:
-- This tools support multiple file-formats like FAT, FAT16, FAT32, FAT64, NTFS, HFS+, and EXTX.
-- VMDK software more compatible with MBR and GPT partition tables.
-- Advanced option can recover of split VMDK files.
-- You have option to custom settings for selected partition table.
-- This software has two scanning mode Standard and Advanced.
-- Advanced algorithm helps to save VMDK Files automatically.
-- Offers fixed and dynamic Disk Types and preview the VMDK file content.
-- It supports Windows 11 and all the below versions.

Mrs. Sonika Rawat, Director of Product Development, Cigati solutions Software, said some valuable words on the occasion of the launching of this software:
Cigati Solutions going to launch the Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool that can recover data from corrupted or damaged Virtual Machine Disk Files. It is advanced software that comes with the latest technology. This software is the most recommended software from customers in the last few times. Cigati tried to provide some additional features in this tool that the user can use as per their requirements. This software has an easy user interface and everyone can easily access this tool. Cigati software is one of the safest and most secure software in data security.

Software Availability:
This Cigati VMDK Recovery Tool is available in both demo and full versions. The demo version is not compatible with MBR and GPT partition tables. However, the licensed version does not have any limitations. You can save the recovered VMDK files without any restrictions.
Quick Access:

About the Company:
Cigati is a well-known organization in the IT industry. Cigati Solutions offers the best utility tools in the fields of data migration, data recovery, and backup of the cloud data items to the customers. Over the past few years, Cigati solution has successfully delivered the most desirable solutions to every individual, business organization, or enterprise. Cigati Solution’s is known for its unique quality tools and product expertise, which should be a must in every organization. At Cigati, they build and mold only those utilities that we specialize in.

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