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Mighty Warners All Set To Assist Businesses With Rolled Out AWS Innovations

2022-07-05 12:17:57 Technology


The core aim of Amazon Web Services (AWS) always focuses on ensuring customer utility by bringing innovation to their services, and the experts at Mighty Warner will be assisting businesses to make 100% use of these solutions.

Last month on April 21, 2022, AWS vice president of data analytics and machine learning services, Swami Sivasubramanian, announced six new AWS products and their details. These products will include technologies, such as Amazon Textract, Amazon SageMaker Serverless, Amazon Aurora Serverless v2, AWS Amplify Studio, AWS IoT TwinMaker, and Amazon QuickSight Embedded Analytics Partner Program. The technical experts at Might Warner will help entrepreneurs to use these innovations effectively.

“Sometimes, businesses that are new to cloud solutions find it really difficult to choose the best cloud solutions from the plethora of cloud services available in the marketplace. Our experts at Mighty Warner will help them in combating this situation by giving them genuine guidance on choosing the right cloud solution as per their business needs,” Faiyaz Ahmed Khan, CEO of Mighty Warner, added.

The AWS innovations will focus on meeting the day-to-day operations of the businesses without any hassle. Amazon Aurora Serverless v2 will provide an affordable way for allowing the entities to meet the peak demands. While Amazon SageMaker Serverless will help the enterprises to run applications even when there is irregular and unpredictable traffic.

Moreover, AWS IoT TwinMaker will assist entrepreneurs in developing digital twins of real-world systems like buildings, industrial equipment, factories, and product lines effortlessly. AWS Amplify Studio will give an impeccable interface for creating custom web applications with minimal coding requirements.

Furthermore, the technical experts at Mighty Warner will also assist businesses in the automatic extraction of text, handwriting, and data from any image or document with Amazon Textract.

Mighty Warner, a UAE-based web development and digital marketing agency, has an aim for letting businesses thrive through their innovative and genuine business collaboration solutions. Since they move parallel to market innovations, they will also make businesses aware of the uses of new technologies by AWS.

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