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After Long Break Actress & Musician Sol Romero Campbell Returns With Role

2022-06-29 04:43:07 Business


May, 2022: Both glamorous and wildly talented, Los Angeles-based, Mexico City born, actress and pop song writer / performer Sol Romero Campbell has continued to build interest across social media, despite a short hiatus from performing. That wait has recently come to an end with exciting news. Recently Campbell returned to the screen acting in her director husband Martin Campbell’s latest movie “Memory”, with a star packed cast that includes Liam Neeson. Not only does Sol showcase her ability as an actress, but the movie also prominently features her song “Bodega de Lingotes”, an infectious mix of pop and Spanish language hip hop with Sargentorap. The excitement surrounding the movie and her music are both high and rising. Fans who have been waiting for Sol’s latest are sure to be more than satisfied.

“Memory is an amazing film project I am proud to be part of,” commented the passionate star. :It makes it even more of a thrilling experience to have one of my songs so proimently featured, since it fits in so well with the plot.”

Sol was born in Mexico City, of a Mexican and Swiss parent. Singing since the Music has always flowed through her veins singing since her earliest teens. Her first album was released in 2011, “Dark Fantazy”, which featured her popular debut single “BiPolar Love”.

She has since moved to Los Angeles with her husband, director Martin Campbell- a master who has been responsible for both Zorro and Bond films. Her time in LA has been well spent perfecting her craft as both a vocalist and songwriter, taking vocals lessons to better develop her natural abilities, while also perfecting her skills as an actress. Her past films include her early appearance in the cult film “Once Upon a Time in Mexico”, as well as “Zorro: and “Casino Royale”, along with many other favorites.

Sol is also quite the social media sensation with over 200,000 followrs on Instagram alone.

Her positive media coverage has included just about every entertainment Spanish language media paper, while also being a rising star in America and Europe, from celebrity journals all of the way to Hip Hop music magazines, where her music features have made her very popular.

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