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New Features Added To Design'N'Buy All-In-One-Web2Print (AIOW2P) Solution

2022-06-29 04:27:34 Technology


It has always been the endeavor of leading web2print service provider, Design’N’Buy, to consistently upgrade its offerings. Recently, new features were added to its flagship software, the All-In-One Web2Print (AIOW2P) solution.

Previously, the end-user was only allowed to remove the white background from a photo to use in the design. Now, the Canva-like design studio is as powerful as any photo background removal tool and can eliminate any background from any image.

“We know how frustrating it can be when you love an aspect of a photo and only want to use that bit in your design but cannot. The background removal feature lets you do the job in five seconds and considerably slashes your editing time,” says Ms. Nidhi Agrawal, CEO, Design’N’Buy.

Regardless of whether you want to make a background transparent (PNG) or add a white background to a photo - the design studio is fully capable of carrying out either task.

Secondly, AIOW2P has a page builder with a powerful content creation interface. Create mobile-responsive, column-based content using the widgets you love. Build and manage a fully DIY theme. No technical knowledge is required. Create unique pages with product widgets, CMS blocks, custom CSS, and separate responsive designs.

Thirdly, the “box builder with a 3D preview” feature is now available on the packaging product detail page, enabling end-users to judge the shape and size of the chosen package and then move forward with personalizing it. The aim is to model the 3D shape of the package as fast as possible.

“Earlier, this option was only available in the design studio. The end-users could only see how the products would look once personalized and printed. Now they can benefit from photorealistic images on the packaging product pages,” explains Agrawal.

Lastly, Design’N’Buy has integrated stock image libraries such as Pixabay, DepositPhotos, and Shutterstock into the design studio to give end-users access to thousands of free stock images. Print service providers can enrich their media library with a better photo catalog and make it easier for their customers to create beautiful print products.

Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of deploying AIOW2P is that it enables the end customers to log into the self-service portal of a printer, browse through the products of their liking, personalize using the design studio, and place an order.

The print service provider can then start production without getting any artwork approvals and promptly deliver the print products. From t-shirts, mugs, and marketing materials to photo books, office signage, and printeriors - AIOW2P supports a variety of products.

“Our ultimate goal for creating AIOW2P was to enable even amateur designers to create unique print designs in minutes. These four features will further optimize how the printers and their customers benefit from our solution. We are very proud of that!” signs off Agrawal.

To know more about how AIOW2P works or if you want to understand the new features in detail, please book a free consultation.

Alternatively, please feel free to visit their homepage.


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