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Electrotechnik Announces Cable HV Version 5 with the New Finite Element Method

2022-06-25 09:00:19 Technology


Sydney, Australia, May 12, 2022: ELEK Cable HV Software is for custom cable current rating calculations in accordance with IEC 60287.

With the new Version 5.0 release, we have added the FEM module which performs 2D finite element analysis for buried cable systems.

The finite element method (FEM) is the most accurate for HV cable current rating calculations and now it's available for our users.

The new FEM module allows users to model installation conditions that extend way beyond the limitations of the IEC Standards.

Completely custom installations can be modelled which includes:

1. Multiple backfills - which are zones of soil with different thermal resistivity.
2. Filled troughs - concrete troughs of any size, buried at ground level or below ground and filled with soil with custom resistivity.
3. Multiple circuits in any arrangement - any number of cables or cable types in any configurations.
4. Direct buried cables or in ducts.
5. Non-isothermal ground surface - very important for accurate current rating calculations especially for shallow cables or soils of low resistivity.
6. Automatic meshing where the FEM calculations are completely automated for the highest accuracy.

Simply add objects to the model, specify their properties and move the objects of the model using the mouse (or key cursors) into any custom configurations.

For technical info about Cable HV Software visit:

Electrotechnik builds a range of electrical design software packages based on the latest IEC standards, powerful algorithms and cloud technology. We believe our software needs to be feature-rich, and our user interfaces should be both beautiful and simple, the simpler the better.

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