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FIITJEE’s CURATE Admission cum Scholarship Test is scheduled on 29th May 2022

2022-12-07 09:09:15 Education


New Delhi, 10 May 2022: All students are diamonds, but those who make it to the IIT’s are the polished ones. Right now, the aspiring students might be rough Diamonds and to attain the dream goal of success in JEE 2024, all they need is a perfect Curator who can polish the diamond in them thus transforming them into a precious one to enable them realize their cherished desire by getting admission in one of the prestigious IIT’s. It goes without saying that first milestone of qualifying in JEEM is mandatory for seekers of admission in IIT’s. However aspirants desiring admissions in prestigious engineering institute NIT’s/IIIT’s/CFTI’s can do so based on their performance in JEE Main .

FIITJEE’s CURATE-Admission cum Scholarship Test has been scheduled for conduction in proctoredonline mode on 29th May 2022 and the last date of Registration is 2 days before the test date. i.e 27th May 2022.

For offline registration, Students can collect the Paper application forms either from the nearest FIITJEE centre or logon to www.curate.fiitjee.comor scan the QR code for online registration.
“CURATE is obviously, an opportunity for students of varying potential to tread the road of preparation &achieve their aspired goal. Students appeared for class X with fear of being late for JEE preparation along with peer pressure lurking in their minds have an opportunity to catch up in the race. The preparation needs to be fast paced with sustained directed effort to hone and refine their skills for JEE preparations. For students targeting IIT’s in 2024, CURATE is the right platform to accomplish their aspirations.” said Mr. R. L. Trikha, Director, FIITJEE Group.
The exam will test students’ raw potential, based on which they will be selected to pursue study at FIITJEE with a chance to develop skills exploiting theirfull potential to succeed in JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

FIITJEE not only transforms brilliant students into toppers but also catapults average & above average students (by JEE Advanced standards) to get good ranks in JEE Advanced. In fact, if a student follows FIITJEE’s directions sincerely & works hard, he / she is certainto get through JEE Main & JEE Advanced.

A Never Before Opportunity comes your way! Only by registering for FIITJEE Curate Test, you stand the chance to experience our unique Teaching methodology much before appearing in the Test. Come, be a part of a 1-day Free Academic Session (to be held in offline mode) with our distinguished panel of faculty members where you will get an insight into your potential to tread the path of JEE journey. Get in touch with your respective FIITJEE Centre to know the details.


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