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A new watch-to-earn video app going viral & beat TikTok as being #1 most sticky app

2024-06-13 12:24:08 Blogging & Social Media


Since the app was released on App Store & Google Play in April, it has attracted over 20,000 users from 70+ different countries with an average user growth rate of 13% per day. is a short video App like TikTok however creators and followers can earn LIT point rewards convertible to the LITIT token. None of the users or creators will ever need to invest or pay any money to earn the tokens since the LITIT tokens are earned through a Web 3.0 concept of ?social mining? through social activity on the platform.
Unlike TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram, with the App every creator's video view gets rewarded and at the same time, followers get rewarded even more for viewing videos. App also comes with a tipping system where followers can tip creators with their in-app earnings.
The LITIT platform is revolutionary whereby a symbiotic relationship is being created as both creators and followers can benefit each other from the video views and shares. Everybody who uses is motivated to get as many people to join and as many videos watched.
Where will the value growth of the LITIT tokens be coming from? Content and community have value, and the more people join the more creators get rewarded and at the same time the value of the tokens users have earned through social interaction will continue to increase.
LIT points earned on the app, are convertible to LITIT tokens on the website and could be exchanged on the decentralized exchanges.
Since the app was launched more than 18,000 videos were uploaded by the users and those videos have already accumulated more than 3 million views. is an ideal place for video creators, music artists, and art creators, as well as for couch potatoes who would like to be rewarded for their actions within the app.
The sooner users join the platform, the easier it will be to generate rewards. On, anyone can be a creator and earn along the way. has already beat TikTok in the ?time on app? metric in a few countries and ranked on AppTopia as the #1 most ?User sticky App?.
The app is available for iOS ( and Android ( users.


User :- Anna Shevchenko


Url :-

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