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ExpertBells has Launched ROC Filing in Chennai

2022-06-29 06:25:54 Business


Every company must file its audited accounts and financial statements with the Registrar of Companies within 30 days of holding an AGM. ROC filing is a very important step according to the Companies Act, 2013. We at ExpertBells provide affordable ROC Filing in Chennai for every type of company.
Our professionals have been working in the field of ROC filing for many years. We also offer customized packages of ROC Return Filing in Chennai for different companies. You can pick any option in our package according to your company’s needs and budget.

Importance of ROC filing for the company
Every company must file its profit and loss account, balance sheet, and all other financial statements with the Registrar of Companies within 30 days from the date of AGM. There are several advantages of doing ROC filing such as:

1. Shows the true financial position of the company
ROC filing will show the true financial position of your company quickly. You can know whether your company is running in profit or loss. Our experts will provide reasonable service of ROC Annual Filing in Chennai for any kind of company.
2. Saves you from the penalty
Companies that file financial statements regularly will not have to pay fines or penalties. Apart from that, the companies will also get protection from legal complications. You will not face any legal issues or complications in the future by choosing our ROC Annual Filing Services in Chennai.
3. Builds good image of your company
ROC filing in a Private Limited Company or public limited company helps to build a good image of your company. Even other companies will trust your company while entering new contracts or agreements.
4. Saves your company from government interventions
Choosing our ROC Filing Services in Chennai will save your company from government interference.

About ExpertBells
ExpertBells is a reliable ROC Consultant in Chennai with a good experience in ROC filing. We handle various tasks related to ROC filing and GST Monthly Return Filing for different types of companies. Our experienced professionals will look into the process of ROC filing and take all the necessary steps.

From filing Profit and loss accounts to other financial statements, we will look after everything. We also offer TDS Returns Services for different companies. We also help Limited Liability Partnership Registration firms and other firms to file financial statements with ROC.

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User :- Janvi Sharma


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