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Data Recovery from 2016 Macbook Pro Retina is Possible

2023-05-29 09:08:58 Computer


This press release talks about recovering data from a 2016 MacBook Pro touch bar. This Macbook Pro has no hard drive meaning the data chips are soldered on to the logic board.

Apple has a wide range of laptops known as MacBook Pro series. They manufactured their first MacBook Pro in 2006-2007. This was a 15” machine. This machine had traditional sata hard drive. In 2012 the company introduced their Retina model of MacBook Pro. This model came with a removable pcie ssd. The built-in ssd has a huge benefit. It makes the laptop super fast because the read and write operation during the processing time is fast.

Apple introduced a new MacBook Pro in 2016 known as 15 inch MacBook Pro Touch Bar. This machine was unique in a way that it did not have a removable ssd in it. The data storage was soldered to the logic board in the form of chips. This made this laptop a way faster machine. The users were unable to upgrade the hard drive manually. Customers had only one choice to upgrade the storage and that was buying a logic board with larger storage capacity. The question is, if the machine stops working, what will happen to user data? In models where drive is removable, it can be connected to another computer to transfer data but here, no such option so what to do? Data Recovery Onsite now has this unique technology where they can recover data from this machine even if it is encrypted with a password. They have been doing data retrieval for years and have high success rate.

About the Company:

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Company :-Data Recovery Onsite

User :- Khan Mash


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