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Swell ushers in the era of short form audio interviews

2024-06-13 12:35:04 Blogging & Social Media


India, 18, April 2022: Swell, one of the early entrants in the social-audio market has paved a unique way for people to speak, listen and network using voice. The unique format of Swell and its asynchronous nature makes the process of interviews convenient and democratic. While, the format allows Interviewers to post their questions well in advance, interviewees are able to come on and respond at their time and convenience, paving the way for invaluable perspectives and meaningful exchanges. These interviews are available on the platform for posterity for users to listen to and also add on their views or questions as and when they please.

Many Celebrities, Political Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Health and Wellness Experts, Artists, Musicians, Writers, Technocrats and so on have spoken about topics that are essential for discussion through the this format; some of them are Nikhil Kamath, Founder Zerodha, Sagar Nair, Founder Q LAN, India's popular music artists, names that made to the Forbes 30 under 30 such as Artist Aaquib Wani, Trishneet Arora, India's rising music icons Zephyrtone, Shloka Nath, Acting CEO India Climate Collaborative, Kalki Subramaniam, Transgender Activist and Author, popular podcasters Nikesh Murali (Indian Noir) Saathsya (Chumma Conversations), Ministers Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Jayant Sinha, among others.

The podcasting community has also appreciated the unique QnA format that Swell provides and are exploring ways to better use this to enhance listener experience. They also felt that Swell is a great platform to stay connected to their listeners via audio.

About Swell

Started in San Francisco by Silicon Valley based entrepreneurs Sudha Varadarajan and Arish Ali, Swell launched at SXSW in 2021 and in India, shortly after that. It is the first asynchronous voice-based social platform in India. The asynchronous nature of the platform not only makes it easier for listeners to catch up whenever they want but also improves the quality of the conversation by allowing for prior prep. Conversations on Swell are nuanced, thoughtful, and imperfect to promote authenticity, safety, and relatability in social networking. Every post on Swell is up to 5 min of audio and can have links and photos. Swell follows a no ad-based business model to prioritize user experience and monetization will be driven by offering premium tools and Swellcasts.

Company :-Adfactors PR

User :- Seerat Farooq


Mobile:- 91 60057 94415

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