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2022 IIFA Weekend & Awards, Yas Island-Abu Dhabi partners with Bollyverse!

2024-05-26 08:30:46 Art & Entertainment


After weeks of discussions on the set up, possibilities, infrastructure, costs and intricate details, Bollyverse Technology is thrilled to announce that they now have the rights to showcase and host many elements of the most prestigious and much anticipated Bollywood Awards show on Bollyverse!

IIFA, the International Indian Film Academy Awards are an annual awards ceremony that travel the world to take Indian Cinema to greater heights and outreach. The awards are unique as they are both voted for by the industry as well as being voted for by fans globally online for the popular categories.

Instituted in the year 2000, the IIFA Weekend & Awards is held in different countries around the world. The first awards were presented in 2000 at The Millennium Dome in London, United Kingdom. From then onwards, the awards have taken place in various destinations including New York, Madrid, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Singapore, Johannesburg and many more. IIFA is all about recognizing and celebrating the phenomenal success of Bollywood. Over the years the event has grown from a one-night event to a 2?3-day celebration; hosting various events and activities relating to Cinema, Arts, Culture and Fashion Indian film industry to make this a weekend of fun, entertainment and interactivity for everyone.

This year following the global pandemic situation over the past two years, IIFA is all set to come back bigger and better than ever! The 22nd edition of IIFA will be hosted at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. Fans are super eager to witness the most glamorous award show where the stars converge and the glitterati shimmers.

For the millions of Bollywood fans around the world who are not able to attend 2022 IIFA Weekend & Awards, Yas Island-Abu Dhabi in person, this will be a new exciting and invigorating experience for them as they now will be able to experience the show from the comfort of their own home on Bollyverse!

The IIFA events to be covered on Bollyverse includes the experience of IIFA Backstage, IIFA Green Carpet, Avatar Club, Talent Quest, VR Bar, After Party, Stage rehearsals and Touchdown.

IIFA Backstage gives you a sneak peek at what it takes behind the scenes to bring this much glamour and entertainment to the world. It will feature the stars getting ready, the make-up, the lineup and all the buzz behind the scenes. Then we take you to the action outside where the sound of excited fans, mesmerizing stars, and the shimmer of gorgeous regalia takes the Green Carpet at this year?s celebration to a whole new level!

Being on Bollyverse intrigues the younger generation as well bringing to you the IIFA Avatar Club, where one can experience the unlimited possibilities on an avatar station creating personas of their favourite stars and the VR bar where they can play their favorite virtual games! The IIFA After Party is also a sought-after event where you can experience what happens when the curtain falls and the lucky one?s head to enjoy the party vibe and celebrate the prestigious winning awards of the night!

Bollyverse Technology is logistically air transporting state of the art digital technology and hardware equipment as well as a top tech team of over 40 strong to the venue to make this all a reality for the world!

Some of the digital tech and hardware include Xsens body suits and straps, Showbolt - a high speed robot camera arm, Metastudio 2.0 with 170 cameras, Insta360 Pro camera, Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, VR Oculus devices, Snapchat glasses and much much more?

With so much happening on Bollyverse, one can?t afford to miss out on this beautiful amalgamation of the digital world and magical world of cinema coming together for the very first time. Look out for more details on how to get on board!

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