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Vanity Wagon to mentor on sustainability and business in collaboration with The Disposal Company at ‘The Sustainability Summit’

2024-04-22 12:13:02 Environment


India\'s leading firm in the field of sustainable beauty, Vanity Wagon, has created a call for environmentally sensitive business practices. As part of its continued focus on business with sustainability, Vanity Wagon is co-hosting two sessions of ?The Sustainability Summit? at Chembur Social, Mumbai on 22nd April 2022. This summit will be the first of its kind start-up event organised by The Disposal Company which exclusively focuses on Sustainability and Climate Action. The event is going to be a junction for CXOs, Investors, and Start-up founders to converse on brands and businesses following innovative steps for a safer environment. The powered sessions by Vanity Wagon are ?The Investor View? and ?Putting Purpose in Profit?.

On this enlightening occasion Mr. Prateek Ruhail, CEO and Co-Founder of Vanity Wagon, will be addressing the audience on the need for sophisticated and sustainable business management, and how new age start-ups should find a meaningful purpose in profit making. In addition, he will also share thoughts on why ESG parameters matter to an investor as they give them a holistic view of an organisation and its sustainable practices.

?Global climate change, social inequality and the mass extinction of species and the disparity in ecosystems are real and immediate threats to our existence. Today?s businesses are dealing with a range of unprecedented complexities of social, environmental, market, and technological execution and in order to survive in long term, businesses will have to constantly make conscious efforts.? said Mr. Ruhail.

His brainchild Vanity Wagon advocates the concept of ?Clean Beauty? and has been creating a market and awareness about non-toxic beauty and personal care products like never before. The brand has observed a steep rise in conscious customers who discard beauty products due to toxicities. The mindful customer is now making a switch from the hyped names to cleaner and greener alternatives.

About Vanity Wagon

Vanity Wagon is India?s first and largest clean beauty marketplace and one of the finest information-oriented beauty marketplaces that pledges to bring only toxin-free and natural beauty products to its consumers. We offer a trust-worthy platform where one of the most requested elements between a business and customer i.e., transparency is paramount of our relationship. Be it beauty or personal care, we swear by bringing the safest solutions to your doorstep without any hassle. We stand by the rule of never having to compromise in any manner to find the right products for our customers. Vanity Wagon believes in sustainable beauty and stands firm in its mission to educate the audience and deliver what?s best for them. We are curating the best of clean beauty without compromising on efficiency and ensuring that the products are cruelty-free. Before onboarding any brand, we thoroughly check if it is certified cruelty-free by PETA and safe-to-use by ECOCERT or other recognised institutions.

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