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Guus Goorts Offers a Streamlined Approach to Higher Education Marketing and Student Recruitment

2024-07-18 04:58:54 Blogging & Social Media


When it comes to higher education marketing, it's essential to choose the right agency. Guus Goorts started as a freelance online marketer, helping universities to recruit students through SEO and Google Ads. Along the way, he realized that any online marketing effort's success is highly dependent on how involved his customers are.

With the correct input and feedback from Higher Education Institutions, it is possible to deliver a successful campaign that achieves its goals. However, the working environment can be quite political, especially in larger universities, so it takes the right agency to understand this and work within the educational system.

Guus Goorts has years of experience working in higher education marketing. He understands the challenges and knows how to get results. Guus didn't just happen upon this information; instead, he built a portfolio of projects involving Digital Marketing and SEO techniques. Guus has lived in Ghana, Singapore, and Belgium, and throughout his career, he has successfully managed digital marketing campaigns for Higher Education institutions and language schools.

Over time, Guus has founded the OCEP Ghana Foundation (2003) and Yago (2008), which aimed at changing the world for the better. However, Guus has also learned that powerful campaigns are only as strong as the weakest link despite his successes. For instance, close collaboration and consistent feedback with the school and the agency working together is crucial to success. Therefore, in the service of international education, his passion, Guus wrote Successful Student Recruitment with Google Ads to bridge the gaps between strategy, execution, and follow-up.

Guus also offers online courses and Higher Education consulting services with the book as a solid foundation. With his courses, you can expect the practical application of the knowledge gained, courses designed for optimum student recruitment, and the flexibility to access class materials when needed. In addition, Guus excels as an Online Education Marketing Consultant, providing a service that empowers recruitment teams to help them find their way forward. Through the experience, Guus will enable education providers with the means to overcome their challenges in whatever forms they take.

His focus is always on making things better and getting the best results for his clients. Guus Goorts offers a wealth of resources and experience in Higher Education marketing, making him the perfect choice for your next corporate training needs. With his knowledge at their disposal, education providers will have the ability to be found online by students who are the perfect match for their school. If you are interested in elevating your recruitment efforts through SEO and Google Ads, contact Guus Goorts today.

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