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Filter Coffee Co.'s head office in Worli redefining the modern workspace with creativity and splendor

2024-04-24 12:41:49 Design


14th April, 2022: In the words of Cynthia Rowley, ?If you love your workspace, you?ll love your work a little more.? The folks at Filter Coffee Co. not only believe in the power of loving their work, but also the importance of having a workplace which is a seamless extension of their personality. And Filter Coffee Co.?s new head office, located in Mumbai?s buzzing commercial area Worli, is a true reflection of their vibrant ?unstoppables? energy and much more!

Filter Coffee Co. is a leading Integrated Digital Marketing Agency, and they recently announced the launch of their new Mumbai-based Head Office situated right next to the iconic landmark of Worli Ikea - a multinational furniture retail company. The agency?s new address has jump, hop and skip access to noteworthy eateries, cafes and bars like Starbucks, Bastian, Diablo, Lord of the Drinks among many others.

Apart from their head office, FCC has also set up a new office space in the same premises which is all set to be the agency?s very own production studio and creative workspace.

Since its inception, Filter Coffee Co. has collaborated with many prestigious brands in lifestyle, beauty, hospitality, FMCG and corporate space. Covering an area of approx. 2000 sqft., these new office spaces are equipped to accommodate 80-85 members. The design thinking invested in the interiors entwines in the narrative of functionality and urges the occupants to engage with it, with ease and comfort.

As you walk through the reception, you?ll be greeted with a slender reminder lit in bright hues of yellow and orange - ?Enter the Creative Zone?, so you know what to expect. The conference room is a place where all their creative ideas are born out of elaborate brainstorming sessions. This room allows an open-flow of ideas and communication through its sleek glass doors and walls.

Steering away from traditional cubicle-themed office layout, FCC?s space has thoughtfully-planned open workstations in the center and adjacent to the walls. The director?s office has easy access to the individual desks and it stands partially exposed.

The entire space is covered by wooden flooring, which lends a classic, sophisticated touch while adding a sense of warmth. Minimalistic interiors complemented with indoor plants add personality to the space, making it the perfect ?Think Tank?

The office is soaked largely in a monochrome palette of Grey & White with accent shades of Princeton Orange, all hand-painted by a mural artist. Adding a natural touch to creativity, the office interiors have been tastefully done. To further complement vibrance and augment the perception of spaciousness, a major part of the design aesthetics welcomes natural sunlight and a view of blossoming palm trees.

Ms. Anuja Deora, Founder, Filter Coffee Co. stated, ?We are extremely excited to extend our journey in Worli. From the very beginning, our focus has been to scale across geographies and be known for our creative ideas.?

She further added, ?All in all, I?ve always envisioned a work space that brings together minimalism and elegance with a hint of quirk and edge. While our Production Studio is currently work in progress and we can?t wait to share a sneak peek!

Company :-Filter Coffee Co.

User :- Kuresha J


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