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Radhaa Releases Pillars of Light Stories of Goddess Activations

2022-07-07 04:44:11 Art & Entertainment


Meet Radhaa Nilia. Best Selling Author, Goddess Archetype Expert, and Holistic Publisher of Radhaa Publishing House. Radhaa just released Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™. A book based on her original modality, Goddess Activation™. Radhaa invited women who have experienced Goddess Activations™, letting them share their transformational stories with the Goddess Archetypes. Radhaa, a leading authority on Goddess Archetypes, uses them to support women, find their voice, activate their purpose, and heal on the deepest heart and soul levels. Radhaa says that healing is an art from the heart. She’s been on her healing journey, unraveling beliefs that no longer serve her; through the process, she’s been certified in over a dozen modalities. Today, we sat down to have a conversation with Radhaa to learn more about her latest book, Pillars of Light: Stories of Goddess Activations™, by Radhaa Publishing House.

How did Goddess Activations™ Modality come about?
Goddess Activations™ is an original healing modality that I started over a decade ago. Still, I started to share it in the following years. It is the missing link in healing the feminine at the deepest heart and soul level. As the pillars of divine feminine light, a pure Shakti Energy essence is its foundation, the divine primordial Shakti cosmic consciousness that moves through the entire Universe. One that we were all originally connected to. It is important now more than ever to align with the Divine Feminine Consciousness. Some women come for ONE Powerful Session, while others join various training programs experiencing the depth of multiple Goddess Activations™.

How can someone get a Goddess Activation™ Session or Training with you?
It's always my honor to be of service. If you’d like to experience the Goddess Activation™ session for yourself, you can find HERE: I really believe that it’s time for everyone to find their Superpowers and share their gifts. That’s what we came here to do. I'm just here to remind you.

About Radhaa Nilia: Radhaa Nilia is one of today's most up-and-coming influential speakers and teachers on Goddess Archetypes. As a Goddess Activator, Mentor and Publisher, her otherworldly gifts have guided her in successfully building Goddess Code Academy: A Mystical School for the Divine Feminine, where she teaches her original modality, Goddess Activations™.

Radhaa supports visionary female leaders in bridging the intangible teachings of the Goddess into the physical realms of life and Business. You can find Radhaa co-creating with women worldwide, empowering voices and curating collaborative book series through Radhaa Publishing House.

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