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Senpex Rolls Out Delivery From Grocery Stores In As Little As 1 Hour In California

2022-06-29 03:49:49 Miscellaneous


San Jose, CA. Senpex, one of the most reliable organizations for providing delivery on the same day in America, has announced to deliver groceries to home within an hour in California. With the help of such instant pickup and delivery services, the company has evolved as a boon in the lives of customers, making it easier for them to get their groceries on time without stepping out of their homes! Now, it is even possible for the customers to track every stage via the mobile application.

Senpex CEO Anar Mammadov says, “delivery from grocery stores has been one of the biggest challenges for the shipping and logistic industry as they have to be delivered on the same day to stay fresh. This is why we not only provide our customers with the delivery on the same day but also within an hour in California. This is how we are able to provide same-day delivery of the groceries in less than an hour”:

? With the help of our multi-route planner, we cut down on both delivery costs and delivery time for customers.
? Because of our collection services, we offer pickup and delivery services straight from the grocery stores.
? Our AI-powered route optimization enables us to choose the best routes for the drivers to deliver the groceries in the shortest possible time.

About Senpex: Senpex is a robust logistics organization that provides round-the-clock delivery service in America. The firm has made it possible for clients to get same-day courier in the shortest possible time. From small to large local businesses, every firm has integrated with this company for delivering last-mile delivery to them. A large number of local businesses and retailers have integrated with the company to get ahead in delivering last-mile delivery to the customers in America.

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