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Strobes Security Announces Partnership with Global Digital Solutions and Professional Services Firm TechStar Group

2024-06-23 07:36:55 Computer


Strobes Security today announced the strategic partnership with TechStar Group, a global digital solutions and professional services firm that empowers companies to complete by leveraging emerging technologies. TechStar Group has helped Fortune 500 companies with their digital transformation.

The Strobes Security and TechStar Group partnership is a perfect marriage enabling TechStar to deliver their offerings in a more secure manner using Strobes Security products: Strobes VM365, Strobes DevSecOps and Strobes Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS).

TechStar Group has been catering to companies to help deliver their digital transformation for years. As far as emerging technologies, Strobes is well positioned to meet the needs of Enterprise and SMB customers who are struggling with vulnerability management.

?Strobes offerings are not like the rest in the vulnerability management space,? said Ashok Chitiprolu, Co-founder and Managing Partner at TechStar Group. ?There is true ROI when it comes to time, money and resource savings. One of our favorite aspects of the platform are the dashboards and reports. My team no longer needs to spend hours helping our customers generate reports from Excel, which is welcome!?

Strobes CEO Venu Rao is pleased with TechStar?s overall approach to customers and the alignment the two organizations share. ?TechStar, like Strobes, is customer first,? shared Rao. ?It?s important to us to share the same values and approach to customers since they are the most important aspect of our businesses. TechStar became who they are because of this and we relish in sharing similar attitudes. I?m looking forward to doing great things together.?

TechStar will soon begin adding Strobes Security products to its offerings for existing customers.

About TechStar:
TechStar Group is a niche Product Development, Business Solutions, and global IT Services firm headquartered in Dallas, TX. TechStar helps drive Customer Success by leveraging expertise in Applied AI, Automation, Data Engineering, Digital Infrastructure and BPM Solutions.

About Strobes:
Strobes Security develops products and solutions for all organizations to solve challenges in the vulnerability management space using security automation and predictive prioritization. The current product offerings include Strobes VM365 and Strobes DevSecOps. Additional services are available including Strobes PTaaS (Pen Testing as a Service).

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