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Total 430 FIITJEE Students PAN India have been awarded NTSE Scholarships

2022-12-07 09:03:49 Education


Delhi, 1 March 2022: With every rising sun, FIITJEE’s hunger of success seems to be increasing. The results declared for NTSE Stage-II gave reasons to many of our students to cheer and celebrate for performing exceptionally well across all India FIITJEE centers. Total 430 FIITJEE students from Classroom / Integrated School Programs across all FIITJEE India centers have been awarded NTSE Scholarships in the National level exam.

FIITJEE Centers in Delhi have performed exceptionally well with 92 Classroom / Integrated School Program students who have been awarded NTSE Scholarships.

FIITJEE Centers in Delhi have dominant share of 76.09% in Delhi State.

FIITJEE students from Classroom / Integrated School Programs have also dominated in NTSE Stage II Results 2020-21 in Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Telangana states, contributing to a major share by any coaching institute in the respective states. With a highest percentage share of 100% (10 Students) from Jharkhand, 76.19% (32 students) from West Bengal, 62.5% (10 students) from Bihar, 60.26% (47 students) from Uttar Pradesh, 57.89% (22 students) from Odisha, 100% (1 student) from Goa, 52.11% (37 students) from Tamil Nadu, and 50.00% (12 students) from Telangana. All the meritorious students have yet again given a reason for FIITJEE to be proud of.

FIITJEE conquers yet another milestone of numbers who won. Total 430 FIITJEE Classroom / Integrated School Programs students from PAN India have been awarded with NTSE Scholarship, 2020-21. Almost Every second student qualified in NTSE Stage-II is a FIITJEE’s Long Term Classroom Program Student.

Each year, the flagship program of NCERT, NTSE nationwide is conducted in two stages. Stage-I is preliminary stage which allows all the students studying in class X to participate at state level. Stage-II at national level is only conducted for students who have qualified the first stage at state level. The examination acts as a litmus test for the students to check their capability and potential, while identifying weaker points and shortcomings. The Stage-I exam was held on 13th Dec,2020 and Stage-II exam was held on 24th Oct,2021.

Mr. R. L. Trikha, Director, FIITJEE Group said "It is certainly a proud moment for us as the students traditionally have yet again trodden the glorious path of success on such a vast platform. Proper training plays a key role in cracking these competitive titles. However, dedication is the secret behind success and at FIITJEE we prepare our students to be focused and well organized towards their studies to get an edge in this era of cutthroat competition!"

“Understanding the importance of the relevance of early preparation, FIITJEE believes in nurturing and enhancing the IQ of students as early as when in class VI, VII & VIII grade. Rote learning methods in Science just do not work as they fail to generate inquisitiveness and conceptual knowledge in children,” said Mr. R. L. Trikha.


User :- Rishi Sinha


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