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'The Urban Chief’ today announces the launch of its Marketing Glossary.

2024-05-26 12:31:35 Blogging & Social Media


'The Urban Chief? today announces the launch of its Marketing Glossary. A comprehensive list of marketing terms listed in one place for ease of use.

With The Urban Chief Marketing Glossary, all marketing knowledge and jargons are readily accessible in an easily understandable way to the layman. This glossary can serve as a reference or a cheat sheet for all of your everyday marketing needs.

We wanted to simplify this huge digital space for startups and aspiring marketers.
With so much happening in the world of marketing it?s difficult for beginners to keep track of every single aspect of marketing. By offering people the means to grasp knowledge in an easier way we hope to make life a bit easier.
In the last decade Digital Marketing has skyrocketed immensely. There are over 170 million people who use social media on a regular basis, every working professional is expected to be familiar with at least the core tenets of Digital Marketing. The Urban Chief is in a position to provide the masses with educational and valuable content to help them navigate the digital world.

Today, engaging in digital marketing is a lot like playing a video game.
You think you?re on the right track, then bam! The game takes a sudden turn, and you?re left to figure out what tools in your arsenal will help you to get to that next level and win the game.
Thanks to our unique offering, we hope that The Urban Chief will become a market leader in a world where digital media and content is more popular and in demand than ever before. Our ultimate goal is to help companies reach more customers while simultaneously providing valuable content for everyone.

Hop on to our website for more information.
Claim your copy of ?The Urban Chief Marketing Glossary?.

At The Urban Chief, we are a group of marketing specialists, content writers, social media specialists, SEO specialists, strategists, and lead generators who have been helping brands grow online for the past 8 years.
We offer Marketing and Sales Consultancy services to startups and corporates. This includes building Organic Reach, Lead generation through other platforms, Content Marketing for Leads, Website Optimization, Social Media and Email Marketing.

The Urban Chief
Marketing & Sales Consultants

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