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Vivaldi has in version 5.1 added Scrollable Tabs, Reading List and Quick Setting Panel.

2024-07-09 09:26:39 Computer


OSLO, Norway - Feb 09, 2022: The first release of the year - Vivaldi 5.1 - has arrived.

In this update, we've Added the much-requested Scrollable Tabs that let you scroll tabs horizontally. You can combine horizontal scrolling with Two-level Tab Stacks and scroll both levels, a unique way to manage your tabs.

The addition of the Reading List makes it easy to save pages that you want to read later. Keeping up with all the great stories out there is a serious job. This is where Vivaldi's Reading List will help you save (and easily keep track of) pages to read later. With this latest addition, building your story bank is as easy as bookmarking.

We've also added a Quick Setting Panel to the Start Page, which allows you to customize your Start Page in an instant.

Explore these new additions and overall improvements across the board and download Vivaldi 5.1 for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers at .

For more information, please contact:

Varsha Chowdhury

For Japan-related queries, please contact:

Kaori Kotobuki

For Germany-related queries, please contact:

Svenja Maaske

Company :-Vivaldi Technologies AS

User :- Christian Dysthe


Url :-

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