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The UK’s First Carbon Negative Restaurant Invites Customers to Grab a Slice and Invest

2022-07-07 07:36:54 Miscellaneous


Having broken records raising £350,000 in only 5 hours back in 2018, the award-winning plant-based restaurant and bar brand Stem & Glory are launching their next round of crowdfunding to kick off their next phase of growth, inviting others to grab a slice of their vegan pie!

Set over two floors with an extensive vegan bar, the third site at London’s historic Broadgate Circle will open in April 2022. The brand’s second London location, the site is being designed by the renowned Afroditi Krassic (Dishoom, Itsu) transforming it into a completely unique space – fitting for a brand quite like no other!
To date, Stem & Glory has been 100% funded by its crowd in a testament for the adoration consumers and investors alike have for the brand. Founder Louise Palmer-Masterton and their acclaimed restaurant chain have used these funds to create the UK’s first carbon negative restaurant, having also participated in the London Mayor’s Better Futures program, an initiative that provides funds to assist business reach net zero by 2030.

Since it opened its doors in 2016, the vegan restaurant chain has used 100% renewable energy. To date, Stem & Glory has been operating at less than 20% lower emissions than the average restaurant and less than 23% of the average SME.

Stem & Glory are pioneers on the new frontier of crowd supported businesses. Having raised just under £100,000 in October 2016, the brand launched their first location in Cambridge before opening their flagship London store in 2019 following their 2018 record breaking crowdfunding campaign. The efforts met their £350,000 target in only 5 hours– the fastest crowdfunded restaurant in history at the time.

With a vision of an eco-conscious world in mind, Stem & Glory are launching their biggest crowdfunding campaign yet set to go live 27th January 2022 with consumers and patrons alike eager to play their part in the future of UK hospitality.
For their work, the Government awarded Stem & Glory a ‘Heroes of Net Zero’ at COP 26 while founder Louise Palmer-Masterton was recently named Business Woman of the Year at the Regional SME Awards 2021.

With the rapid growth of environmentally conscious living, and Stem & Glory’s largest crowdfunder yet just around the corner, it has never been a more exciting time to get involved with the restaurant that is paving the way for a brighter and greener future.

With Louise Palmer-Masterton having steered Stem & Glory to Best Enterprising Business as the National SME Awards 2021, the plant-based brand is driving the future of hospitality in an ever-increasing climate conscious world. Now, the trailblazers are inviting customers one last time to grab and slice and invest!

For more information, please contact or call 01223 844 440

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