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Quantum Wedding Launches Metaverse Wedding NFT

2022-05-23 08:42:57 Technology


The company offers full ownership with decentralized NFT authentication of the virtual space on the metaverse. All information regarding their wedding NFT is available on their official website

Quantum Wedding launches virtual wedding NFT venue packages with full ownership and decentralized NFT authentication for the metaverse. Quantum Wedding is based on blockchain and is accessible anywhere globally via a cloud platform. A Quantum wedding representative explained, "QuantumWedding is designed for those looking for the best-personalized wedding in the metaverse, and you can showcase to the world your desire for your Dream Wedding. We listened carefully to our client about their vision and realized it the best Wedding VR available in the metaverse."

QuantumWedding is the perfect way to own NFT ownership on the blockchain platform. It offers numerous features for wedding NFT owners and is an amazing wedding gift. Brides can choose any of the virtual wedding packages offered at Quantum Wedding with confidence. They can bring their wedding dream and vision to life with the Quantum Wedding team and submit photos, music, or videos of their wedding to be featured at their online wedding event.

Paramesh Max Hutachinda, the founder of QuantumWedding, is optimistic that VR Wedding is a breakthrough in the blockchain industry, particularly NFT and metaverse. "Weddings are unforgettable events in someone's life. With virtual wedding NFT, you can save your virtual wedding event on the blockchain platform forever. We strive to create high-quality VR weddings for our clients. Whether they are newly married couples or a couple who want to present an Anniversary Gift by repeating their memories during their wedding in the form of a special wedding invitation via a VR wedding event."

QuantumWedding offers virtual wedding rooms with amenities such as personalized character, wedding rooms (accessible on website and app), background music, photos, and videos to display in the virtual space reserved in the metaverse

About QuantumWedding 

QuantumWedding is a company specializing in creating virtual wedding space in the metaverse. They create tailored wedding spaces with customized experience and functionality that take the wedding experience to the next level. Their key features include real-time interaction with virtual guests/participants via chat and video calling systems. QuantumWedding has three packages to choose from; Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Packages. For more information on the Wedding Metaverse, please visit their official website at

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