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The 4-Step Process to Selling your Car

2024-05-26 01:46:20 Automotive


If you are living in Australia and wish to sell your set of wheels and upgrade to something better, this article is just for you. There are online car buyers that will pay you above market prices for your used car, regardless of make and condition; the only stipulation is that the car is younger than 2006 and the mileage doesn?t exceed 180,000km.

The 4-step process is as follows:

1. Receive a quote ? Simply call Cars4Us or visit their website, where you can fill in the required information. Leave your full name, email address and phone number and they will get back to gather the info they need to quote for the car in question. The Internet makes it very easy to compare quotes, so when you do get a price, you can make an informed decision.

2. Agree over a price ? The online car dealer usually offers the best prices when it comes to used cars, running or otherwise and you will recognise a good deal when you see one! The dealer is quite happy to wait while you see if you can find a better price and once an agreement has been reached, you will be paid.

3. Receive payment ? This typically takes place within 24 hours of making the original enquiry and all that is left to do is hand over the documents when they come to collect the car. It might surprise you to learn that car rentals in Africa use mobile apps already.

4. Vehicle & document collection ? All that?s left to do is arrange a convenient date and time to collect the vehicle, which is carried out by professionals with the right towing equipment to secure the vehicle for the journey.

What happens to the cars?

That really depends on the age, mileage and condition of the car; a car that is only a few years old would likely be fully serviced, cleaned and put up for sale, while older vehicles would have all usable parts removed, which are reconditioned and resold to motorists at car breakers yards. If the car is not running, it will probably be recycled, after usable components are removed; this could include a complete engine and gearbox, interior items or engine components. And it typically depends on the age and the condition of the vehicle.

Responsibly Disposed of

If a car is to be scrapped, it is important that the dealer is State approved to carry out such work; you need to be sure that the car will be deregistered and recycled responsibly and a reputable dealer would assure you of this.

When you need a fast sale

While some might have the time to wait for a buyer who will pay over the odds for your beloved car, if you need the cash yesterday, the online car buyer is the person to contact. Check out the online reviews to get some idea of how people feel about the service and next time you need to sell your car fast, there are online solutions in the form of a car buyer.

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