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Big Boy Toyz First Ever Online Auction of Vintage and Classic cars Saw Huge participation from Car Enthusiasts

2024-06-14 06:18:26 Automotive


18th Jan 2022, New Delhi: The e-auction of iconic and vintage cars was organized by Big Boy Toyz on December 19 that saw a huge participation and interest from around the country. Big Boy Toyz showcased a list of 19 exclusive cars for auction including Rolls Royces, Cadillacs, Buicks, Chevrolets, Land Rovers, Austin, Mercedes and others. These cars were renowned collections from all over the country and were being displayed at the flagship showroom in Gurgaon.

The auction for Beetle started at Re 1 and went up to Rs 25 lakhs. The auction saw participation from a new set of clients who didn't know where to buy vintage cars from and most were first time vintage car buyers. Few celebrities also participated in the auction too. MS Dhoni participated in the auction and bought a Land Rover 3 for himself. There was high interest and strong response on all the cars with 50% of the total stock being sold.

Jatin Ahuja, Founder and MD, BBT spoke about the event: "Vintage Cars and Classic Cars are a multibillion dollar industry globally. We are the first company to introduce it in an organized and efficient way in India. These auctions are aimed at all the car enthusiasts of the country who love vintage and classic cars. Owning a Vintage Car and Classic car is a unique experience like owning a painting, owning a piece of art. Gradually this business is going to expand in the country and we will do our best to bring the best Vintage and Classic cars for all the car enthusiasts in the country. We want to be a platform where people can always find the vintage and classic cars they desire."

Big Boy Toyz wants to strengthen their vintage and classic car division in the country and aims to expand it into a 100 cr vertical in the coming years. BBT has planned to come up with fresh online auctions of vintage and classic cars every two months. The next auction is scheduled to happen again by the end of February, 2022 with new inventory of Vintage and Classic cars.

BBT provided the bidders with two premium plans to choose from. The Enthusiasts Plan was priced at INR 1 lakhs and allowed bidders to bid for 2 cars, and a Connoisseur Plan which required a INR 2 lakhs deposit where bidders were eligible to bid for 4 cars with no upper limit on the car values.

BBT is one of the first automobile companies in India to venture into the online auctioning of vintage and classic cars. All the vintage cars that were auctioned by BBT were evaluated by experts and went through assured quality checks. The result of the e-auction was announced on January 8, 2022.

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