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ZIWO Launches New Cloud-Based Business Phone System

2023-05-28 11:41:04 Technology


UAE, Dubai - ZIWO, The leading provider of Cloud Contact Center Solutions, announced a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of its platform "Business Phone System", which provides a smart, simple, and convenient way to standardize the process of conducting and receiving phone calls through a desktop application.

According to the company, the new software module simplifies the options available to non-call-center businesses and delivers a technology solution that is suitable for their daily needs. "ZIWO Cloud Business Phone System is a cloud PBX that is tailored for non-customer-facing companies that want to improve their phone system, and we are able to help our clients choose the technology that is right for their business needs by providing multiple options of our platform", said ZIWO Co-Founder and CEO Renaud de Gonfreville. "It provides them with exceptional voice quality for inbound and outbound calls, not only that but without additional hardware and setup costs. It is important to mention that this software is not suitable for call centers or businesses that receive or dial an excessive call volume on a daily basis."

Who Benefits from it Most of All?
Basically, small companies and medium-sized businesses. It is a good solution for a better internal calling system, and it is meant to be used by non-customer-facing companies and roles. Simply because they need a platform that matches their current needs. This software is the key to providing a premium customer experience on a daily basis.

Why do Companies need to use ZIWO Cloud Business Phone System?

Easy Mobility
Cloud Business Phone System is not tied to the office by wires, devices, or conditions. All you need is a laptop and you can use it from home, the office, or any other place. Admins can activate the Roaming Agent feature to transfer calls into external phone numbers.

Free internal calls within users, and no additional hardware and setup costs, not to mention that you don’t need to buy additional equipment when connecting new users.

Saves Time
This software is a great tool to standardize the process of receiving and responding to customer phone calls and increase productivity in a short span of time.

Fast Connection
Login to your account, and immediately start receiving customer calls, or dial numbers using the dial pad.

Unlimited Administrative Users
Adding new admin accounts is a straightforward process and it’s completely free. You are entitled to unlimited admin users on your account.

Operating Systems
No matter which operating system you use, be it Microsoft Windows or Apple's macOS, you can download the software and immediately start using it based on your personal preference.

Automatic updates
Updates can help to improve the stability of your software and to make sure you’ll get the latest version for a better user experience automatically.

About ZIWO Cloud Call Center
ZIWO Cloud Contact Center Software (CCAAS). Barrier-breakers, and an Information Technology organization that provides cloud center services and advanced tech solutions. Founded by Renaud de Gonfreville and Eric Ouisse, ZIWO was launched in late 2016 in Dubai, with the aim to enable companies to deploy instantly and globally their customer care and sales teams.

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