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An App Puts the Power of eCommerce into the Hands of the Street Seller

2024-05-26 02:01:11 Blogging & Social Media


With OkBye, seasoned sellers as well as small-time sellers can quickly create an online shop and sell their products online with zero investment.

New Delhi, Dec 27, 2021 ? In the times of the raging Pandemic, medium-to-large scale businesses have taken the flight to eCommerce, and have landed sizeable revenue and profit from selling online. However, small-scale businesses and small-time shop owners have not been so lucky. They have been forced to shut shop, and simply do not have the access to Technology or Investment so that they can also sell online.

"OkBye extends the power of eCommerce Technology to the hands of the common seller. Even small-time shop owners and street sellers can use their mobile phones to take pictures of their inventory and upload them on OkBye to create their Digital store." said Erez, the Founder and CEO of OkBye. "And they can do all this in just minutes ? no lengthy registration process or paperwork. Our goal was to build a platform to enable big sellers as well as small sellers to sell online. With OkBye, we have done just that!".

OkBye is easy to install, simple to use, and can be used to setup an eCommerce store in just a few minutes. Watch the embedded video for some inspiration, and join the digital revolution.

OkBye can be installed from Google Play using the following link:

OkBye is also available on the web: Facebook followers, please visit

About OkBye

The OkBye app allows for seamless communication with people after finish talking to them, without even having to tap or open an app.

Okay bye allows customers to perform a variety of marketing activities during and at the end of a call. Set up the virtual store today, in a few simple steps. The OkBye app is now waiting for everyone in the app store.

Company :-OkBye

User :- Pradeep Vijayakumar


Mobile:- +972 545559898

Url :-

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