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New varroa heatmap helps beekeepers understand global infestation levels and bee health

2024-04-12 02:56:19 Computer


Lindesberg, ?rebro County (forpressrelease ) December 22, 2021 - The BeeScanning Global Varroa Heatmap is the largest, richest, and most detailed dataset of its kind. A visualization of years of analyzing data from BeeScanning's global network of beekeepers. Based on more than 140 000 varroa analyzes, 23 million analyzed bees and over 230 000 found varroa mites. The Global Varroa Heatmap is now available as a free feature in the BeeScanning varroa finding bee-health app.

"The varroa heatmap is a powerful way to understand the status on a global scale but also to visualize what's going on right now in the beekeeper's own area", says Bj?rn Lagerman, founder and CEO of Swedish bee-health company BeeScanning. "The heatmap zoom functionality keeps safe distance and does not show exact location of any hives or apiaries, but let's beekeepers quickly understand the state and impact of varroa infestations in the world and their region right now". BeeScanning is used by beekeepers in 176 countries across the globe and is available for both Android and iPhone.

The BeeScanning AI-based bee-health app helps beekeepers find varroa mites and sick brood with their camera. Beekeepers photograph their bees directly on the comb and the BeeScanning AI analyses the pictures in seconds. There is no need for alcohol wash and no risk of hurting the bees or the queen. "The BeeScanning app saves bee lives, time and materials and helps beekeepers take control of their apiaries and understand mite infestation levels and the overall health of their bees. It's an intelligent and accurate tool for healthy bees and healthy beekeeping", concludes Lagerman.

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Healthy bees with BeeScanning

Analyze bee health with AI - 15 international awards - Made for beekeepers, by beekeepers.

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