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Aavenir Unveils Contractflow Enhancements That Expand Adoption Across The Enterprise

2024-07-14 07:03:33 Computer


Plano, Texas, December 21, 2021: Aavenir, a next-generation AI-based Source-to-Pay SaaS solutions provider, announced further advancements in its latest Contractflow product. The latest release enhances approval and lifecycle workflows, contract analytics, and amplifies the automatic extraction capabilities of the Aavenir AI Engine to boost user adoption and elevate user experience. Aavenir Contractflow is an AI-enabled contract lifecycle management solution built on the ServiceNOW platform, enabling businesses to streamline and augment contract management.

?No matter how great its functionality, a system can?t deliver game-changing value if it isn?t adopted broadly. The new updates are intended to expand adoption and usage across the enterprise with an easy, intuitive user experience.? said Jesal Mehta, CEO, and founder of Aavenir, ?The intelligent and highly accurate AI extraction enhancements will continue to provide contract managers with an easy, relevant, best-in-class contract management experience?, he added.

Here?s a sneak peek into some of the great capabilities introduced with this release:
Advanced Aavenir AI Engine extraction with state-of-the-art deep learning that understands contracts like humans, discovers terms and clauses, and automatically identifies deviations from approved clause libraries.
Contractflow adoption and usage metrics dashboards that enable administrators to address workload bottlenecks, maximize adoption, and gain insights into contracting strategies.
Centralized contract repository with advanced clause and meta-data search across contracts, and intuitive browse view to navigate contracts, attachments, and related contracts in a folder structure.
Enhanced governance with centralized tracking of all contract related email conversations, both incoming and outgoing
Tighter auditability and controls through enhanced approval and contract lifecycle audit trails, and increased workflow flexibility with dynamic approver selection while initiating the contract approval process

Contractflow is built with proprietary advanced AI and NLP-based technology that can re-train itself on new contract data. With the new features, Aavenir?s customers can scale their contract management process to the next level and meet the growth and contracting complexity needs of their organizations.

Aavenir Contractflow is certified by ServiceNow and adheres to all norms, so no additional IT audit or compliance is needed if you are a ServiceNow customer. Therefore, the contract management team can start managing the lifecycle of their contracts quickly. Contractflow enhances the ROI of ServiceNow investment and can be easily installed as an app from the ServiceNow App store at!/store/application/5aa95f6c1b0a37404ba8ece03d4bcb5c/2.0.0. However, Aavenir Contractflow's features and functions are not limited to ServiceNow users; non-ServiceNow customers can also benefit from its capabilities and advanced functionalities.

To learn more, do visit the Contractflow product page at

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About Aavenir:
Aavenir delivers the ?future of work? with AI-enabled source-to-pay solutions, including Contractflow, RFPflow, and Invoiceflow ? all built on the advanced cloud-based ServiceNow platform. Aavenir?s next-gen Source-to-Pay suite transforms time-consuming legal, sourcing, procurement, and accounts payable processes using the latest Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technologies to reduce cycle time, yet offering complete visibility, smart suggestions, and predictive intelligence based on historical data. To know more, visit

About ServiceNow:
ServiceNow is making the world of work, work better for people. Their cloud-based platform delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise.

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