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Scootaround splits its website into two, launches separate versions for rental and ownership customers

2022-01-18 02:31:05 Business


Scootaround splits its existing website to create separate versions for rental and online store products to cater to individual customer needs. The earlier version of the website consisted of both the online store products and rental offerings which resulted in confusion and spoiled customer journey on the site. This is why the company decided to split the website into two different websites under the domain for rentals and for online store.

Scootaround is one of the leading personal transportation solutions brands of the nation that indulge in offering sales, rentals, and repair services for mobility scooters, wheelchairs, rollators and powerchairs at over 2,500 different locations in North America and Europe. This new website launch will add significant value to Scootaround's customer experience.

Scootaround's website for rental services

The new Scootaround website for rental services is designed to cater to the specific needs of the customers that require the aid of mobility vehicles but temporarily. Scootaround offers rentals for popular vacation destinations like Disney Land, Atlanta, Austin, Philadelphia, Universal Orlando, New York, Washington and many more. Scootaround also offers rentals for cruise mobility at around 50 major ports across the US, Canada, and Europe. Some popular ports in this list include Tampa, Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, Houston and so on. The website also provides services of travel agents that provide a commission to the vendors of the travel and hospitality industry on referrals of successful vacation rentals to Scootaround's mobility scooter, powerchair, wheelchair, and oxygen rental service.

Scootaround's website for online store

The new Scootaround website is designed to cater to the needs of purchasing mobility scooters online. The website consists of separate sections for a vast category of personal transportation vehicles like scooters, powerchairs, manual wheelchairs, rollators, walkers, and lift chairs. You can shop by category or by requirement. You can also select from a list of featured products and great discounts. Also, there is free shipping on all products. Scootaround also consists of various loyalty programs and promotions for its store customers. Under the Scootaround Engage program, you can earn points by renting to or purchasing vehicles from Scootaround and later redeem these points for discounts. You can also avail of exchange offers to get discounts on the purchase of a new vehicle on the sale of old. You can also search for the required products and sort the list by popular brands like Pride Mobility, WHILL, Diestco, eWheels, etc.


To provide easily accessible and safely deliverable mobility on demand, Scootaround decided to split their existing website into two separate versions for rental and online store. This split will be a great initiative for helping the traffic reach the correct website to cater to their needs. This will provide a boost for CX and help the brand acquire more relevant customers for each.

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