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Removemypain Introduces a Video Consultation Program.

2022-01-19 02:17:08 Health and Fitness


Removemypain releases a video consultation program. It helps patients to keep consult even in the pandemic.

Removemypain, a service for back pain treatment in Indiareleases a video consultation program. This program is to overcome the difficulty of direct meeting because of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is also effective enough for patients who can’t move and need to consult with an expert before being hospitalized. The public relations manager of this hospital explained, “Being healthy is a priority no matter the condition. The condition of the patient may get worse because they don’t get the right treatments from expert doctors. We hope that this video consultation program helps patients with back pain, knee pain, or cervical pain to keep consulting with expert doctors, although they don’t meet face to face.”

As a regular consultation, patients still have to create an appointment for a video-consultation. It keeps this program running effectively and works maximally to help patients who can’t meet their doctors. Patients can tell their latest condition, such as the level of the pain they feel, the painful area, the medication they have taken, and many more. The doctor will give a response toward the condition of the patient, such as informing things the patients should do. 

The public relations manager of this hospital added, “This program can also be a solution for patients in other areas who are looking for a specific service, such as knee pain treatment in India. They only have to check how to join this video-consultation program and create an appointment. Then, they can consult their health condition online via mobile phones or computers using virtual conferences or messenger apps. The earlier patients know what they have to do, the earlier they can cure the pain.” This service will also give the information about the hospitals that patients can contact in India, consultation timing, phone number, and email on the official website. It helps them to decide the closest hospital from their areas or the best timing for a maximum consultation session. This online program is also for those who are looking for cervical pain treatment in India

The public relations manager of the service stated, “The selected patients can consult with Dr. Amod Manocha via video consultation. It will be more effective in case patients don’t need to go to the hospital or have to be hospitalized. Patients will also know earlier and faster if they have to be hospitalized to limit risks and worse health conditions.” This service also hopes that the video-consultation program helps patients to get proper treatment even in the epidemic.

About Removemypain:

Removemypain is a credible paint management service in New Delhi, India. They are ready to treat a variety of pains, including back pain, knee pain, and cervical pain. Now, patients can consult online through the video consultation program. 

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Contact Person: Dr. Amod Manocha


Phone: +91-9871874003

Address: Press Enclave Marg, Saket District Centre, Saket

City: New Delhi 110017

State: Delhi

Country: India

Company :-Removemypain

User :- Dr. Amod Manocha


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