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HyperXchange Emerging as an Undisputed Player in Refurbished Space as it Penetrates into Category Z Cities

2021-12-04 08:40:07 Business


New Delhi, 18th November 2021 – HyperXchange, Kolkata-based market leader in refurbished electronic market, today announced its expansion in the north-eastern state of Assam. Strategically located in Guwahati, the online-2-offline marketplace is designed to bring affordable, easily available, and equally reliable electronic products to the local population.

Commenting on this achievement, Dipanjan Purkayastha, Co-Founder & CEO, hyperXchange, stated, “Since the launch of our first retail store in Kolkata, our experience has been on a different tangent altogether. We are flooded with positive responses from our customers as well as store owners. This is what keeps us passionate about refurbished and recycled electronics, giving exclusive benefits to our customers like no other brand in India. We thrive on premium quality experience and believe that every chance we get to connect with them, is one where we make long term relation. Now, we are ready to welcome our customers in Guwahati.”

Barsha Rani Bishaya, an Indian actress who works in Assamese cinema, will be joining the hyperXchange team in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

“We have been strategically planning to capture the Indian market, one division at a time. We are also equally committed towards climate positivity, as we are closely working with the local governments to identify at-risk areas and initiate dense implantation of Mangrove saplings. Mangroves being a fast-growing plant, provides dense protective cover against sea waves, and acts as incubator for the local ecosystem” said Asish Chakraborty, Co-Founder & COO of hyperXchange.

hyperXchange runs on algorithms, analytics and deep learning and uses in-house applications – Faraday and ELVIS to diagnose, revalue and certify old gadgets. The brand is completely transparent about its pricing and diagnosis, helping customers get the best deals out of their old products. Every hyperXchange sale comes with 12-months doorstep warranty, 9-months assured buyback and 7-days worry-free return at affordable prices.

Satanik Roy, Co-Founder & CPO of hyperXchange, also added, “hyperXchange entered the offline market in 2016 and have been running multiple stores across the nation on franchise ownership. Our stores dwell on standardized, super-fast and easily scalable process with industry’s first warranty and insurance policies on refurbished electronics. Our franchisee ecosystem has given many store owners a fresh chance at building a strong and viable business.”

As for the store owner in Guwahati, Nikunj Jajodia, shared his excitement by saying, “We have sensed a high demand in this region for refurbished electronics, especially mobile phones and laptops. We are excited to begin this journey with hyperXchange and look forward to building a robust local network of consumers by offering them our trust and hyperXchange’s warranty & assurance.”

About hyperXchange

hyperXchange (HX) is India’s #1 Trusted Refurbished Electronics Brand marketplace for premium electronics. HX is disrupting the reverse logistics supply chain through its breakthrough developments in Faraday and ELVIS – across procurement, last-mile repair and buyback. HX is building an asset-light, tech-led circular C2B2C ecosystem to cycle each product through multiple user journey. All HX products comes with 12 months doorstep warranty, 9 months assured buyback and 7 days worry free return at affordable price.

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