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OBEETEE announces robust domestic retail expansion plans to reach every home in India

2024-03-03 07:33:52 Business


November 2021, National ? For over a century now, OBEETEE rugs have enriched homes and lives and filled them with an immaculate sense of luxury. These rugs have been admired and appreciated all around the globe and continue to thrive in the international markets as well as in India via a retail store in Delhi and an e-store. However, an essential part of OBEETEE is its deep roots in India, its tradition, and culture, which is why the company has introduced an expansion plan to weave its existing presence into the map of its home country.

Speaking of the same, Mr. Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman, OBEETEE said,? OBEETEE is a legacy brand that has been offering an exquisite range of rugs and carpets to global and Indian markets. We are recognized for our quality products and unique designs and patterns that have made us what we are today. However major of our business has been primarily through exports, this is one of the major reasons for expanding our business in the Indian market, where this domestic expansion allows us to let its own people and country bask in the aura of opulence. Along with the digital presence, OBEETEE aims at marking its physical presence across the country with the announcement of its 10 exclusive stores pan India in the next 3 years. Being easily accessible, OBEETEE rugs will now be available at multiple brand stores across the country and designer outlets. This expansion plan by OBEETEE aims at increased brand presence and accessibility to people pan India.?

Ms. Angelique Dhama, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), OBEETEE Retail Pvt Ltd. quoted, ?OBEETEE, upon completing 100 years in its birth country decided to launch an exclusive collection for the homegrown audience, aiming at OBEETEE adding life to every home. Hence, we are announcing the launch of our domestic collection with the Puja rugs and the minimalist collection being your pick this festive season. India has been a land of festivities, making it a true manifestation of its rich culture and traditions. To emphasize this, OBEETEE has launched an all-new Domestic Collection, offering premium products to India. OBEETEE?s handcrafted, artisanal rugs are like no other, and one can now be able to touch, feel, and experience that legacy at a nearby location.

To commence this expansion, OBEETEE launches the OBEETEE retail store at Famous Studio Worli, Mumbai, home to one of the most affluent crowds in India. Characterized by room in-room experiences, the modern luxury setting of the store amplifies the experience of the finer details from the legacy of OBEETEE and its impeccable craftsmanship. Back in the day, carpets used to be seen and bought within the comfort and luxury of one's homes. OBEETEE has gone back to the roots and recreated this store in a similar manner. The store also boasts of customized lighting suitable for all times in the day and has incorporated the use of kinetic fixtures that enable customers to see the carpets vertically in its whole avatar. The contemporary use of this in-house technology helps the customer see thousands of designs at one click and is called ?Carpet Diem?. The Mumbai store is set to be one of ten exclusive retail stores that OBEETEE aims to open across the country in the next 3 years.

OBEETEE recently announced its first Shop-in-Shop store at Art Livings in association with designer Anju Modi and architect Rajiv Goyal. The concept of a shop-in-shop experience allows for a beautiful amalgamation of different artists and their visions and gives the customer a one-stop shopping destination. Owing to the success of this, OBEETEE announces 30 Shop-in-Shop stores. These also consist of biodegradable tea cafes in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities that will be the prime destination for a relaxing afternoon of sipping tea and letting the world of luxury, craftsmanship, and intricacy engulf you.

In addition to the association with designer Anju Modi, OBEETEE carpets will now be available at other renowned designers? stores who have been a part of the Proud to be Indian series such as those of Tarun Tahilliani, JJ Valaya, Shantanu & Nikhil among others.


Founded in 1920, OBEETEE is one of the oldest and largest hand-woven rug companies in not only India but also the world. Expanding over a century, OBEETEE has garnered an undisputed reputation in terms of its brilliance. With over 25,000 artisans dedicated to the creation of extraordinary rugs, OBEETEE boasts of a community that sustains its existence and excellence.

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User :- Shilpi Srivastava


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