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Asiasoft, ‘Audition IP’ enters Indian market for the first time

2024-06-13 01:21:50 Computer


16th November 2021: Hanbitsoft announced that the company has signed a contract to introduce the Club Audition to the Indian market in the first half of the year through Asiasoft, company?s Southeast Asian partner. This is the company's first time to enter the Indian market with 'Audition IP?.

Club Audition is the first mobile game that inherits the IP of the PC Online rhythm action game 'Audition'. It includes not only original Audition song sources, but also various music including popular local songs, various fashion items and easy gameplay including 'Dance battle' that can be enjoyed by all men and women of all ages. Game provides an active community centered on FAM and a Couple system.

Club Audition is a mobile game that can offer greater enjoyment than any other game. It is greatly influenced by Indian culture that enjoys singing and dancing where Club Audition India is a very good means of entertainment.

As a long-standing partner of Asiasoft, Hanbitsoft will work closely with Asiasoft to capture the hearts of Indian gamers with specialized content such as local customized music, costumes, and dance motions.

Developed by T3 Entertainment, Club Audition India is based on the online PC game Audition Online. However, Club Audition India is not just a simple port for mobile phones. T3 made sure to optimize Club Audition M by making sure it delivers fun-loving mobile graphics and gameplay without sacrificing accessibility.

Club Audition India is free-to-play, so just download to join the party!

User :- Israr Haque


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