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PHD Chamber urges the Government to expedite Cargo Clearance at Airports

2024-05-26 01:47:32 Government


There is immense congestion in cargo clearance at Airports, especially in Delhi Airport Cargo Terminals due to sudden mandate by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) to follow the order of 2015 regarding rules of screening export cargo, said Mr. Pradeep Multani, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in a press statement issued here today.

The order regarding the change in the operational method of x-ray of cargo (Aviation Security Service (AVSEC) Order no. 11/2015) states that before delivery to air carrier, all cargo processed at the terminals shall be subject to 100% X-Ray screening at piece level. This decision of screening cargo on a piece level basis is a cumbersome task, which requires more manpower, security staff and x-ray machines, said Mr. Multani.

The catastrophic effect causes high congestion at the airport due to slow cargo clearance at piece level, average time for a shipment has increased from 12 hours to 1-2 days, shippers have to pay higher demurrage, staff of the shippers has to work for a long shift to clear the order and even some export orders are getting affected, said Mr. Multani.

PHD Chamber does not want to compromise with the security of the country but the sudden change in rulemaking causes export facilitation services to be more time-taking, costlier due to levying of demurrage/ storage charges due to no fault of shippers. PHD Chamber urges the government to take immediate steps to stop the congestion by increasing x-ray machines and manpower. Businesses should run smoothly and there should not be any impact on the export sector, said Mr. Pradeep Multani.

The new rule is putting the air cargo supply chain under pressure resulting in higher trade costs. Thus, a significant handholding is required to support the trade and industry for attaining the high growth trajectory in the coming times, said Mr. Pradeep Multani.

PHD Chamber urges the Government to increase the numbers of x-ray machines and manpower at airports as well as waive off the extra storage charges that are levied due to delay, and enhance trade facilitation and ease of doing exports in the country, said President PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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