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OBEETEE has introduced the magnificent Puja collection for the festive season

2022-11-30 02:33:35 Business


October 2021, National — The festive season brings with itself a whole world of love and fervor. This is the time to indulge, be extravagant in your own way and exchange good wishes with your loved ones. To keep up with the spirit of the season, Obeetee Retail launches their brand new Puja Collection – a collection to adorn every home and ring in the festivities with dash of opulence.

Rooted in tradition and history and with a legacy of over 100 years, Obeetee is a brand that’s committed to making the best of products for the Indian market. With over 25,000 artisans dedicated to the art of weaving rugs for modern Indian homes, OBEETEE is all set to make a mark in the industry with its divine yet unique collection.

The Puja Collection comprises of diverse and beautiful designs inspired by Indian motifs. It is a collection where Indian aesthetics blend seamlessly with modern designs giving buyers the perfect art blends to adorn their homes. Below is a recount of the various kinds of carpets available in this collection.

Aradhana: The Aaradhna Collection is based on miniature paintings from Northwestern India. These are simple compositions made using subdued tones to retain the essence of the art form. Flowers, which hold immense spiritual value in Indian culture, are incorporated in this collection to create a spiritual connection.

Meera Hand-knotted: The Meera Hand-Knotted collection derives inspiration from gendas, the flowers of the soul. These flowers hold a high spiritual standing in Indian culture and are indispensable parts of auspicious moments. These are hand-knotted using a combination of the finest New Zealand wool and viscose yarn to create luxuriously soft-to-touch rugs.

Upasana Hand-Kontted: Using the same construction, the Upasana Hand-Knotted collection displays patterns in beautiful jewel tones synonymous with jharokhas bordering temples and places of worship, and the Aman Hand-Knotted collection contains the fluid beauty of floral patterns in miniature painting, representative of the religious heritage of India. Additionally, the Seher Hand-Knotted collection has concentric circular motifs inspired by the elements of nature and the feeling of the first rays of the sun in a bright blue sky.

Carpets in the Puja Collection are available from INR 8,999 only. With its diverse variety of rugs within the three collections, this edit offers something for everyone.

Availability - OBEETEE store at 145, Sultanpur, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, South West Delhi as well as at Shantanu & Nikhil store


Founded in 1920, OBEETEE is one of the oldest and largest hand-woven rug companies in not only India but also the world. Expanding over a century, OBEETEE has garnered an undisputed reputation in terms of its brilliance. With over 25,000 artisans dedicated to the creation of extraordinary rugs, OBEETEE boasts of a community that sustains its existence and excellence.

Company :-Crosshairs Communication

User :- Shilpi Srivastava


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