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CDE Asia’s pioneering Quartz Washing technology successfully installed in Rajasthan

2022-05-23 02:00:07 Business


19 October 2021: Balaji Quartz Pvt. Ltd., part of Goyal Group of Minerals, who own one of India’s largest quartz mines recently installed a Combo Exo plant to enhance their production and beneficiation of quartz lumps as well as promote efficient use of waste material.

Before their encounter with CDE Asia’s advanced washing technologies, the owners at Goyal Group of Minerals were struggling to meet their production and profit margins with their rudimentary quartz screening and washing mechanism.

As Mr. Bijendra Goyal, CEO, M/s Balaji Quartz Pvt. Ltd, explains:
"Our installed washing system was dysfunctional on too many levels and leading to extremely high running costs. We were routinely unsatisfied with the inefficient washing and removal of fines, the low TPH, high wear and tear and overall unsatisfactory beneficiation that led to the low market value of the output product."

After rigorous testing and trial runs with quartz particles at our labs, CDE Asia was able to offer our clients Combo Exo - India’s first quartz washing plant that delivered on its promises - increasing their grade; segregating the output into different sizes according to industry standards, and increasing the production of snow white quartz.

Combo Exo from CDE Asia is a superior washing and beneficiation system that keeps in mind both the quality of output and the client’s profit margins by economizing manpower, recycling water, increasing production capacity and providing for multiple grades as well as types of industry-ready products from a single easy to install plant.

The Combo Exo was launched on Sept 17, 2020 and handed over to our happy clients and has received glowing reviews ever since.
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