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Natifi is Simplifying Enterprise Application Development

2024-07-19 02:08:35 Design


Natifi is an Ai-powered no-code technology platform being leveraged by leading enterprises, organizations and SMEs to create, design & manage their enterprise technology solutions in different business verticals & industries such as Supply Chain Management, Grant Management, and Field Management Services.
With Natifi you can:
? Build & deploy enterprise applications quickly
? Automate workflows
? Integrate &leverage Ai to streamline processes
? Use analytics & BI to extract actionable insights
? Eliminate bottlenecks & optimize processes
?Natifi is envisioned to democratize web software & mobile application development for enterprises?
The complexity of code-based platforms coupled with painstakingly slow development & deployment times pushed developers at Natifi to build an innovative no-code solution that revolutionizes the enterprise application development market. Natifi?s trailblazing Ai-powered no-code platform is 4.8x easier to use, speeds up application development by 71% and reduces up to 45% of development costs when compared to traditional platforms.
?No Code Platforms are the way forward,? says Charan Bansal, Product Manager at Natifi.
?We want to empower laymen & business users to take up the mantle of development and build productivity increasing, process automating applications so that IT teams can focus on critical tasks at hand.?
Natifi?s Ai-driven no-code technology platform is revolutionizing enterprise application development for Tech Startups, SMEs and Large Enterprises. With Natifi?s groundbreaking features like drag & drop builder, real-time preview, artificial intelligence, workflow builder and more, accelerate application development, optimize processes, maximize results and drive growth!


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