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G2 awards Zonka Feedback with Eleven Titles of Excellence for Fall 2021

2024-05-25 06:54:42 Computer


Zonka Feedback has been recognized by G2 Crowd and awarded eleven titles in different categories like Experience management, Survey, and Feedback Analytics.

September 14, 2021 - Gurugram, Haryana - Zonka Feedback, one of the leading Survey Software and Experience Management platforms, has been recognized by G2 Crowd in its Fall 2021 reports. Zonka Feedback has attained new levels of success by getting awards in multiple categories by G2.

G2 is a popular software review platform that evaluates different software every quarter and recognizes top-performing companies. G2 Crowd gives titles based on the reviews and ratings provided by the users. This quarter, Zonka Feedback has been able to get eleven such recognitions which are:

In the Category of Survey:
1. High Performer Fall 2021 in the Grid Report for Survey
2. Momentum Leader Fall 2021 in the Momentum Grid Report
3. High Performer Small Business Fall 2021 in the Small Business Grid Report
4. High Performer India Fall 2021 in the India Regional Grid Report
5. High Performer Asia Fall 2021 in the Asia Regional Grid Report
6. High Performer Asia Pacific Fall 2021 in the Asia Pacific Grid Report
7. High Performer Europe Fall 2021 in the Europe Regional Grid Report

In the Category of Feedback Analytics:
1. High Performer Fall 2021 in the Grid Report for Feedback Analytics

In the Category of Experience Management:
1. High Performer Fall 2021 in the Grid Report for Experience Management
2. Best Meets Requirement Fall 2021 in the Index Report
3. Users Most Likely to Recommend Fall 2021 in the Index Report

These awards prove that Zonka Feedback is growing rapidly in the software industry, and it is committed to serving its customers in a better way each time. These awards are a result of its commitment to satisfy its customers to the best possible extent.

In recent years, Zonka Feedback has performed outstandingly as a small business, and this performance has earned it the title of High Performer in the Small Business Grid Report as well. The pace of Zonka Feedback and its growing market presence has made it possible for the company to get the title of Momentum Leader.

The software and app has proved itself a great tool to capture any feedback, be it Customer Feedback, Employee Feedback, Patient Feedback, Student Feedback, or Guest Feedback. It provides its clients with 40+ survey question types and ready-to-use expert templates that help them create any survey.

The features like instant alerts and notifications of the responses received have helped clients identify negative feedback on time and take timely action to close the feedback loop and improve customer experiences before it?s too late. This makes the app capable of meeting the needs of its clients and thus makes it well deserved for the award of ?Best Meets Requirement?.

The software helps to manage the overall experience and prevent customer churn, which ultimately contributes to the growth of the companies and makes them most likely to recommend Zonka Feedback to their known ones.

About G2
G2 is a famous online platform for software reviews and ratings. The company was started by former employees of BigMachines in May 2012 and is based out in Chicago, Illinois. Businesses and technology buyers trust this website as a reliable resource and guide to make decisions regarding buying and investing in specific software or apps.

About Zonka Feedback
Zonka Feedback is a leading Survey Software and Experience Management platform that businesses across the world use to gather customer and employee feedback and enhance satisfaction. It helps its clients to capture customer feedback, work on it and improve customer satisfaction.

Along with capturing feedback, Zonka Feedback also enables its customers to get reports of the survey responses and track survey results to see improvement and comparison across time and multiple locations. Moreover, it also helps to find metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES to measure satisfaction, loyalty, and customers' perceived efforts to get their work done.
?Needless to say that the badges and awards from G2 give us a lot of pride here at Zonka Feedback. But they are also proof that we?re continuing to bring value to our customers with a solution that is both simple to implement and powerful to use. We are extremely grateful to our customers for their reviews. And we?re ecstatic that we have moved from being a high performer to a momentum leader. The recognitions further strengthen our focus on customers and their requirements, and in always prioritizing customer satisfaction as we grow.? says Sonika Mehta, the co-founder of Zonka Feedback.

To know more about Zonka Feedback, visit

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