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UCANJI announces certification on the completion of all its dance courses

2021-10-21 11:51:06 Art & Entertainment


New Delhi: India’s biggest growing online dance learning platform has announced to give certification to all its enrollers on the completion of their dance course routines. Now anyone can gain a professional dance certification from UCANJI’s team of renowned choreographers.

For all the dance lovers, becoming a certified Hip-Hop, Bollywood, Bhangra, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Dance-O-Fit, Contemporary, Popping Open-Style, House dancer and many more has never been easier. Effortless enrollment, step by step dance routines that make learning your favourite dance style easier with the convenience of your time, place and comfort. This festive season, add becoming a skilled certified dancer to your bucket list.

Commenting on the same, Divanshi Gupta, Ucanji, Founder, said “With the certification launch at UCANJI we aim to provide professional learning to all our users. Providing best-in-class and latest learning lessons from top professionals in the industry. With this, we will continue to strive to reach out to Audiences. Ucanji is here to make dance & fitness simpler, interesting, and most importantly, accessible for all.”

Ucanji, with its unique offerings, will reach out to millions of students across the country, and engage them in dance, fitness activities.

A brief look into the exciting features Ucanji indulges its learners in:

1. Well-curated courses: The courses are carefully crafted for every individual, who wants to have fun while working on their skills, anytime, anywhere.

2. Ask an expert: Feel stuck? Ask the experts by conveying the difficulty or sending a video to get a suggestion.

3. See yourself: Compare where you are going wrong. Know where you are making a mistake and correct yourself.

4. Mirror Screen: Switch between the front and back view on the screen to keep up with the expert, and clear any confusion.

5. Learn at your own Pace: Adjust the playback video to match your speed, and learn at your own pace.

6. Trim & Loop: Master any time-consuming section by trimming it and putting it on loop. Practice till you succeed.

7. Multi-device functionality: We are everywhere. Access well-curated courses on any device you want. Now, it’s time for you to pick up a course and master it.

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Mobile:- 9560429938


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