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WEM APAC Join Hands with Apti Services: Digital Transformation to get easy for Malaysian Enterprises

2021-10-21 11:16:41 Technology


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Apti Services has partnered with WEM APAC giving Enterprises in Malaysia local access to the leading Enterprise No Code Platform & Hyper Automation to accelerate their Digital Transformation journey. WEM APAC is the leader of No Code Low Code platforms in the Asia Pacific and Apti Services is an advisory, training & digital execution company with a network of highly experienced and skilled telecommunication, media, and technology (TMT) professionals This partnership is focused on bringing digital innovation to Enterprises in Malaysia. Apti Services have already started engaging with large Telcos in Malaysia on how the Telcos can differentiate and respond to market changes with the intent of generating additional revenue by leveraging WEM. The Telcos also get to monetize their existing infrastructure and customers’ network. This partnership will also transform the digital solutions that are created and continuously updated by Apti Services using WEM.

While commenting upon the partnership, Katalin Puskas Khetani, Managing Consultant at Apti Services said, “Apti Services is delighted to be selected as a partner of WEM. As a company focused on helping our clients accelerate digital business successfully, we have seen a huge rise in the adoption of digitalization across Malaysia – driven by the need for people to stay at home and be socially distanced. This has meant a surge in demand for skilled developers, which has outstripped the supply. Digital projects are becoming under-resourced and more expensive to complete. What we love about WEM is the fact that it is truly no-code, and can create even the most complex enterprise applications fast. We look forward to introducing WEM to more companies to help them accelerate digital business success faster at a fraction of the cost.”

“We wanted partners that can advise and consult enterprises at the highest level to drive successful digital transformation. We also wanted a partner that can help bring about innovations that are specific to the Malaysian market. We are delighted to have found Apti Services that fit the bill. This partnership fills the gap that our current large partners e.g global SI can’t fulfil. We now have very good coverage of Malaysia. Together, we can help enterprises in their digital transformation projects at any stage in Malaysia” says Chenobu Thong, Managing Director at WEM APAC.

This is the first partnership between the two companies. The trust of both the companies in the enormous potential and capabilities of no-code is what makes this partnership great. WEM APAC is looking forward to helping digitize enterprises in Malaysia. This partnership gives enterprises in Malaysia the ability to digitize at 10X the speed and 1/3rd the cost compared to the traditional approach. The partnership also brings Hyper Automations capability to enterprises in Malaysia.

About Apti Services

Apti Services is an advisory, training and digital execution company focused on accelerating the digital success of clients, by accelerating the creation of digital capabilities – using no-code application development – and enabling and enhancing the digital innovation culture within client organizations. With their foundation in TMT, they are experts in helping companies connect to their customers, through the delivery of affordable professional services and the provision of digital acceleration capabilities. For more information, please visit:


WEM is a leading no-code Enterprise Application Platform, headquartered in Amsterdam & Melbourne. WEM APAC is the leader in No Code Low Code Platforms in the Asia Pacific. WEM has evolved as a leader in the no-code application development world. WEM empowers organizations, teams, and subject-matter experts to build applications, without needing to write a single line of code or have extensive technical skills. The platform can build, stage, and execute the development of applications in real-time, enabling rapid application delivery in a truly agile way. For more information, please visit:

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