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Vincell Studios Announces the Release of the stylish new Hidden Escape Game, the MURDER MYSTERY

2024-07-15 02:38:14 Computer


Edmonton, Canada ? September 20, 2022 --- Hidden Escape: Murder Mystery is a slick detective game that takes you aboard a luxury liner and lets you mingle with singles!

This is a thrilling new game in the Hidden Escape series that allows the players experience the glamorous and treacherous world of Reality TV. Mallory and Mark, our protagonists have their agendas to be on the show until they bump into each other. Fate keeps throwing them together, and then they discover their passion for solving mysteries. The game has love, drama, betrayal, and a shocking murder with an odd assortment of interesting characters.

The game has an original storyline that is panning across 10 chapters with over 80+ tricky puzzles to solve. It is designed to keep you hooked right till the end. Explore the stunning cruise ship locations with life-like graphics. Engage with unusual characters all of whom have something to hide. And most of all help the lovebirds gather the evidence before the killer escapes.

The idea for the story sparked from the obvious love for whodunit mysteries that we have all devoured by the dozens while growing up. ?We hope you give it a shot. It?s a different type of game with puzzles, but more emphasis on story and interpersonal relationships?- quoted the small but talented team working at Vincell Studio. At the indie gaming studio, the motto is always to experiment. So from archeological hunts to spy thrillers to edge of the seat mysteries, the young team has a voracious appetite to keep attempting something new.

Download this indulgent thriller and help with the investigation by finding hidden objects, interrogating witnesses, and analyzing samples. Don on the detective hat and embark on an exciting journey like never before!

Download the Game here:
Google Play Store:
Apple App Store: Coming Soon!
For more information, visit:

About Vincell Studios:
Vincell Studios is a group of exceptional gamers who came together in 2017 with a single-minded vision of creating seriously engaging games. We?re an indie game startup that?s bustling with talented designers, artists, developers, writers, and animators. We started as a group of 4 individuals and today are a 20+ team working across the country - and we're only growing! We devote ourselves to creating thrilling adventure games that have unique storylines, fascinating visuals, and mind-boggling puzzles.

Company :-Vincell Studios Inc.

User :- Kathireson Suyambu


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