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hIoTron Presents a guide on how Proactive Maintenance is the key to improve Equipment Health and Uptime

2021-10-26 06:47:42 Technology


Kharadi Pune, Maharashtra, September 16, 2021: Anything that maintains a machine on the factory floor functional and working properly can be considered as a machine maintenance. The motive of proactive maintenance is to recognize machine failures as something that can be predicted and eliminated before they grow. Generating a proactive maintenance program assists industries find hidden inefficiencies.

In condition-based maintenance, performance and condition metrics are analyzed in real-time. This enables maintenance managers to plan maintenance work before an issue occurs.

Scheduled maintenance, also called periodic or time-based maintenance is maintenance in which maintenance work is planned in advance, at set intervals. To follow this, manufacturers’ guidelines, as well as the facility’s historical data, are utilized.

The adaptation to proactive maintenance can be challenging, with concerns of culture change, budget, deficiency of training resources as well as full-time employees to learn and execute the analysis. There are several ways to assist industries to get started, containing :

· Concentrating on failure modes: Priority of plant systems and failure modes with influence on capability and availability

· Getting buy-in from leadership: The business decision of where to spend maintenance resources as well as technologies

· Technologies selection: Addition of available maintenance technologies with wireless abilities

· Improving employee skillset: Improvement in the core capacity of the maintenance team

There are several possible causes of equipment failure. An appropriate proactive maintenance program can support you to rectify a cause and find a solution before a breakdown happens

Connected assets deliver unusual amounts of data regarding asset condition and performance. Machine production Monitoring system takes equipment analytics and direction to deliver more uptime while assisting technicians to reduce truck rolls and service equipment remotely.

Maintenance departments can enhance equipment reliability, minimize unplanned downtime and maintain costs low by executing proactive maintenance plans that resolve small concerns before they become big ones.

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