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hIOTron Launches Real time Production Monitoring System that support Industrial Customers

2021-09-20 11:21:15 Technology


Kharadi Pune, Maharashtra, September 8, 2021: Efficiency, as well as accuracy at the production lines, empowers a better production and usage of the available resources. A production monitoring system is a process that is used to track the overall performance of the production line in real-time
It is important to help the industries to attain realistic production goals, at minimized downtime, and increase yield.
The system gathers data from several sections of the production line and is send it to employees and managers working on the line. The data that is gathered by the monitoring system is utilized in improving the efficiency of the production line.

Data must be gathered at each shift end and distributed precisely in order to fulfill the production goals. The capability of the PMS to gather production information on a real-time basis would empower the production team to acknowledge, in a timely manner, to resolve any production-related concerns that may arise.

Target is the total count of parts set for production by the management. We can say that it is the goal set by the management for the shift.

Rejection rate is the total count of parts or items prepared that are out of specification. This number takes for rework and scrap.

When the operator recognizes that they are running out of raw materials, then the operator needs to press the switch to alert the specific department.

Notify the right person on email or SMS at the right time when an action requires to be taken in your factories such as an idle time pocket, variations in product or process and more.

Analyze key process parameters in real-time, depending on Control Plans and recognize issues that can be resolved at an early stage before they hamper production performance.

With the defined resources available on the industrial shop floor, the application of utilizing a real-time production monitoring system is critical. The PMS should be completely utilized so that whatever resources available within the industrial sector were not wasted but utilized to the optimum to enhance the production yield.


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