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Delhi’s BLK-Max Hospital Extends Medical Expertise in Prayagraj with Launch of Cancer OPD in the Region

2022-12-05 01:32:10 Health and Fitness


Prayagraj, September 03, 2021: Leading healthcare provider in Delhi, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital, Pusa Road, today launched its Cancer OPD Services in Prayagraj in partnership with the city-based Shanti Vilas ENT Hospital. The OPD launch is yet another patient-centric step taken by the healthcare provider to empower patients with accessibility to quality healthcare services.

The facility will provide expert advice towards a holistic and integrated treatment for cancers of the head & neck, chest, lungs, esophagus along with GI tract and Urological cancers through robotic surgery.

The OPD services were launched by Dr Reetesh Ranjan, Consultant, Surgical Oncology & Robotic Surgery and Dr Himanshu Shukla, Consultant, Surgical Oncology and Robotic Surgery, BLK-Max Cancer Centre. Dr Reetesh Ranjan and Dr Himanshu Shukla are among the leading names in surgical oncology treatment in India and have been widely acknowledged for their versatile and patient-centric approach. The doctors will be visiting the OPD every month for consultation.

At the launch, Dr Reetesh Ranjan said, “People come to us with a number of complaints such as long term untreated mouth ulcers, lumps in neck, changes in the voice and even issues in swallowing which are prominent symptoms of head and neck cancer. If diagnosed in time, we can treat these cancers in the initial stages itself. Most of the head and neck related cancers are treatable and can be cured properly with better outcomes. We keep emphasising on early detection as earliest diagnosed cancer patients have better chances of survival and good quality of life. I hope with this OPD in the region, people will be able to benefit from the timely care and expert advice that we will offer. We, here, work together with the patients, to help them choose from best treatment options. In head and neck cancers, there are several treatment options and we need to zero in on the ones best suited to patients after having extensive discussions with them and counselling their families.”

Dr Himanshu Shukla added, “Cancer Surgical Care is a specialised area which calls for expertise in the field and BLK-MAX Hospital has an excellent line-up of doctors attending to the patients. Even before the treatment of cancer, it is imperative to raise awareness about the disease, the need for consultation, the importance of follow-ups and the OPD at Prayagraj is a step in the right direction. We strive to raise awareness about how cancer directly affects the normal day-to-day functioning of an individual and why early detection is the key to a better treatment and chances of survival. Specialist physician outreach involving a physician travel to remote locations has been a strategy to expand access to health care in many countries. A specialist outreach can improve access to specialty care for residents, increases the quality of care available in such areas and results in better health outcomes.”

A recently released research paper from the National Cancer Registry Programme Report 2020 shows that cancer cases in India have increased from 13.25 lakh in 2018 to 13.92 lakh in 2020.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the highest number of cancer cases in India were recorded in Uttar Pradesh (2,01,319 cases).

With the launch of the OPD services, patients across age groups can avail the best consultation and treatment in Prayagraj and nearby regions, without the inconvenience of travelling to another city.

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