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Dumbo Reupholstery NYC Launches New Website, Extends into Window Treatments

2023-09-23 04:42:06 Miscellaneous


New York – Family-owned furniture restoration business Dumbo Reupholstery NYC has unveiled a new, improved website - and its expansion into window treatments.

Their website offers an even more accessible, client-friendly approach to discovering more about the business, which has been upholding high-end reupholstery standards since launch in 2006.

The company is also delighted to announce it will be extending its excellent customer care standards into window treatment services.

Window shades might seem like nothing more than a simple covering, but you shouldn’t overlook their power. They go a long way in conveying your unique style and transforming your living space. Beyond their looks, they offer functionality by blocking out light and even helping with interior temperature control.

Their designers are eager to help you find the style and model that meets your needs. Whether you’re looking for something classy and elegant or modern and practical, they’ve got you covered.

Their experience goes across every window treatment possible, whether blackout shades, woven bamboo, skylight or rollerblades.

Blackout shades aren’t the most traditional option, but they’re quickly becoming a popular choice. People love them for their ability to block out 100% of light, reduce noise, and enhance privacy.

NYC residents love the city’s busy energy, but they also choose woven/bamboo shades when they want to feel connected to nature. They bring lots of life into whatever room they’re in. As the name suggests, manufacturers weave the shades from organic materials like bamboo or grasses. The result is a covering that is super light and offers plenty of texture.

One of the best parts of NYC interiors is skylights. But if you want to get the most out of these stunning features, you should invest in shades. These coverings will give you complete control over how much light enters your home. They also come with insulating properties – meaning your space will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Dumbo Reupholstery NYC’s skilled team has vast knowledge and experience of other window treatments, such as silhouette shades, pirouette shades, top-down, bottom-up shades, and varieties, including Roman shades and pleated, honeycomb and solar shades.

Their designers can help whether you’re striving for style, functionality, or somewhere in between. They work with the space you have and use their experience to optimize results.

As a local service in New York, Dumbo Reupholstery NYC provides free estimates and pickup and delivery options. For a free quote or more information:

Phone: (646) 491-6625

Company :-Dumbo Reupholstery NYC

User :- Ben Shemesh


Phone :-(646) 491-6625

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