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MORBiZ Accelerates Online Growth for Small Businesses with new Hyper-Local Web Presence Tools

2024-03-03 06:05:39 Blogging & Social Media


With MORBiZ's new web presence tools, small businesses are experiencing rapid growth in their local markets. Have you ever tried to find a polar bear in a snowstorm? Chances are, probably not, but you may be able to imagine how difficult it might be to find a white bear in white-out conditions. For some small businesses operating in certain markets, they often feel like that polar bear: there, but hardly, if at all, noticed. Connecting with customers on a hyper-local basis can be a challenge, especially in competitive markets. To gain the upper hand, small business owners should develop a hyper-local web presence campaign that puts their brick and mortar business at the forefront of Internet search results for the goods and services they offer.

What is Hyper-Local Web Presence?
Hyper-local web presence, or hyper-local marketing, is the process of targeting customers in a fairly small area, ranging from a few blocks or neighborhood of a big city, or in more rural areas, a few small towns. The reasoning for launching a local digital web campaign for a very real storefront is because consumers are regularly turning to Google and other search engines to locate nearby services, ranging from restaurants to roofers. Without a local online presence, chances are, potential customers won?t even know a business exists. Ultimately, the goal is to capture people conducting "near me" searches, even if they don?t use that exact term.

Why Should a Business Launch a Hyper-Local Marketing Campaign?
In one word: traffic. To even be considered by a potential customer who is searching the web for the goods and services they need, a quality presence on the Internet must be established. Keyword here, quality. Sure, you can set up a quick website, but if it isn?t properly constructed and marketed, it could have little, if any, positive effect on your bottom line.

How to Establish a Hyper-Local Digital Footprint?
The quickest, most effective way to develop a hyper-local web presence that works, is to partner with the small business Internet marketing experts at MORBiZ. Our digital marketing toolbox is all encompassing and helps small businesses thrive in big cities and rural towns alike. Using custom crafted content, geo-targeted ads and a local SEO strategy, our team will put your business on top (of search results that is). Furthermore, we add new website content on a monthly basis to ensure your site continues to provide fresh results for search engines while establishing your business as a local thought leader in your sector. To learn more about how MORBiZ can help your local business thrive, don?t hesitate to give us a call at 1-855-266-7249 or fill out the contact form at We can?t wait to help drive traffic from the web to your front door.

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