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Tyro EFTPOS Seamlessly Integrated with Pratham POS

2021-10-26 05:47:09 Technology


Tyro EFTPOS’s integration with Pratham POS can help better business, resulting in benefits that include time and cost savings, better customer service, etc. It will create a positive impact for the company’s customers, the decision-makers firmly believe.

Tyro Integration Features

Tyro offers seamless integration with over 300 Point of Sale and Practice Management System vendors. It does not comprise third-party middleware. So, the integration is fully supported for quick and easy transactions every time. Some factors that make the swift and comprehensive integration possible include,

- The integration is IP-based. That eradicates the need for cables and therefore requires less hardware.
- It is compatible with cloud-based integrations such as Lightspeed and Vend.
- Users do not have to deal with multiple service windows. A single point of contact handles everything.
- The integration does not incur any extra fees.

Tyro EFTPOS Integration with Pratham POS

What does the efficient and seamless integration of Tyro EFTPOS and Pratham POS mean for customers? The integration translates in several tangible benefits, fostering measurable results. Some of which include the following.
1. Considerable Time-Savings
Integrated EFTPOS will enable Pratham POS users to return to business with quick and simplified end-of-day reconciliation.

2. Cost Savings
The integration will help avoid expensive keying errors, thus, in a way, fostering a considerable amount of cost savings in the short and long run.

3.Enhanced Customer Service
Users can enjoy pacey transactions and payment features customized to meet the company’s business needs. As a result, companies deploying the solution can put their customers first and provide better client service.

4. Appropriate Technical Advice
Tyro’s experts are fully equipped and prepared 24/7 to provide the right technical advice to the users. So, no matter the time of the day, users can always refer to the technical experts to maintain the highest efficiency levels.

5. Data Security
The integration enhances customer data security, providing protection against data breaches, owing to Tyro’s advanced and efficient integration architecture.

6. Instant Transactions Reports
Users can generate instant comprehensive reports with details of every transaction. This will help eliminate the chances of missing out on transactions.

7. Consistent Inventory Management
Consistent and efficient inventory management provides better visibility into the existing inventory and thus provides a real-time understanding of the current availability of resources. As a result, businesses can make informed decisions concerning inventory.

About Tyro

Incepted in 2003, Tyro is Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider of all ADIs outside the big four. The company has a team of over 480 professionals across the country and deals in payments and business-only banking technology solutions. It is involved in developing tailored EFTPOS, business loans, and banking solutions that support thousands of Australian businesses. In FY19, Tyro processed more than $17.5 billion in transactions. To know more about Tyro visit the website:

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