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Linemap Draw Available in Revised and Extended Version

2024-05-24 01:28:54 Computer


LineMap Draw is a program for creating line network plans. The finished plans can be scaled and printed or saved. LineMap Draw is available in several versions. The new version simplifies the user-friendly creation of line network plans.

Buxtehude, Niedersachsen, Germany., August 25, 2021 -- A line map (route network plan, also known as a web spider), is used to schematically depict public transport networks. Different colors are used to distinguish individual lines. Normally, topographical accuracy is not required in order to achieve a clear and space-saving design, and the lines run only horizontally, vertically or diagonally at an angle of 45?.

With LineMap Draw, the time-consuming and thus cost-intensive creation of line maps can be carried out using LineMap Draw by yourself. LineMap Draw is an efficient alternative to image processing or vector graphics programs.

With LineMap Draw, the existing stations and lines are first entered and assigned accordingly. Afterwards, various maps can be created, for example, for the overall network, the high-speed rail network or the night network. To create a line map, first define the map settings. This includes, for example, image size, colors, background image, fonts, text spacing and alignment, as well as the properties of station symbols. Then the lines are drawn, and the stations are positioned.

For the output, the line map can be scaled to the desired size. Since the line map is completely redrawn on resize, the loss of quality - for example fuzzy edges - can be avoided.

The line network plans can also serve as the basis for printed plans, which are then supplemented with additional graphics and design elements. Of course, the plans can also be pasted directly into other applications such as word processing or image editing.

In the new version 1.2 of LineMap Draw it is now possible to delete single line segments. Furthermore it is possible to enlarge or reduce the size of single line segments. Line segments can now also be moved. Stations positioned on the line segments are preserved as far as possible.

LineMap Draw is available in five editions (Home, S, M, L and XL) which differ in the supported image resolution. While the smallest version "LineMap Draw Home" is suitable for internet projects in the leisure/hobby sector, the largest version "LineMap Draw XL" can even create line network plans in A0 or larger format. Since the viewing distance usually increases with increasing size, the resulting line map can even be used for large-format posters.

LineMap Draw requires one of the current Windows versions 7,8 and 10. Prices range from 29 Euro for the home version to 249 Euro for the XL version.

Further information and a free demo version can be found at

About J?rg Siebrands:
J?rg Siebrands is a businessman from germany. One Project of J?rg Siebrands is PublicSQL - an Open-Source SQL Version which runs with Javacript. Another interesting Project is PTraffic - a timetable software for platform-independent timetable applications.

J?rg Siebrands
L?neburger Schanze 1
21614 Buxtehude
+49 4161 597079

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