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hIoTron Presents how real time tool monitoring system will help to predict tool failures

2021-10-26 02:38:20 Technology


Kharadi Pune, Maharashtra, August 24, 2021:Smart machines, smart monitoring, smart control, and smart scheduling can be achieved with the help of Industry 4.0 that should take automation to the next level. The tool monitoring system is one such solution that minimizes the downtime needed to check the tool status.

As per the several monitoring methods, tool condition monitoring methods are differentiated into direct measurement as well as indirect measurement. Indirect detection measurement depends on the features of cutting force, acoustic emission, current, vibration, temperature, and other signals concerned with tool damage.

Today, machine tool monitoring systems are leveraged for the purpose of monitoring CNC machines. These systems collect information from CNC machine components or parts and process them to understand their working conditions and the lifecycle of the tool. The more accurate the prediction of tool failure, the lower the overall tool or machine cost incurred.

For industries performing tool monitoring systems, there are importantly three levels of perspective. Each provides a varying degree of reliability to indicate when a tool failure will happen and as a result, each step provides varying degrees of effectiveness.

There are various benefits to a tool monitoring system, Optimizing Performance: Machine tool monitoring assists to optimize the performance of CNC machines by offering essential information about their entire operation.
Condition Monitoring: Operators are informed about the broken or worn tools which will help them to prevent damage to machine parts or machines.

Predictive Maintenance: Predictive maintenance is the most effective method available for increasing quality and minimizing It has the capability to accurately recognize tool failure and alert teams to resolve the problem, avoiding scrap altogether.

All above-mentioned advantages clear that why machine tool monitoring  is getting prominence in several industries

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