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hIOTron Presents how Remote Monitoring and IIoT Improves Machine Maintenance

2021-10-25 07:23:30 Technology


Kharadi Pune, Maharashtra, August 16, 2021: With the help of real-time and historical data of processes, assets, industries can better handle production, maintenance and increase safety across several sites. IIoT is modifying the way manufacturers recognize concerns on the plant floor.

IIoT removes data silos, so device-level data is available to the whole operations team. It offers valuable real time insights into machine performance, process inefficiencies etc. Manufacturers can utilize the data to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), which is an estimation of manufacturing process efficiency.

In a today’s world of constant connectivity via smartphones, social media and the internet, manufacturers are taking benefits of the latest technology that connects us all together. Remote machine monitoring and the IIoT is supporting to simplified efficiency while keeping high levels of security as well as integrity.

Operators and Plant managers are now easily access device level data, offering valuable insights into OEE, analyze and improve the performance of equipment under their control. OEE is estimated by combining three different production metrics such as availability, performance and quality.

Condition-based Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance are two maintenance schemes which focus at optimizing equipment efficiency and minimizing service timing and costs during equipment life cycle.

Predictive Maintenance is basically relies on Condition Monitoring where flaws detection and classification algorithms, combines predictive models which can evaluate the remaining machine runtime left, as per detected flaws.

By remotely monitoring several machine components, shop floors can recognize excessive vibration before it causes unplanned downtime. With condition monitoring solution, a machine learning algorithm starts a vibration standard for the machine.

IIoT-enabled alerts offer both the local machine status as well as remote status of each light module. Remote status indicators and other alert systems enable users to set down trends in machine uptime and cycle counts.

Remote monitoring abilities will continue to recognize and rectify waste within their facilities. Developments in integration abilities will continue to reduce costs and lead times during IIoT implementations. With this manufacturers can easily collect data needed to recognize the root cause of production concerns and implement measures to improve efficiencies and prevent future interference.


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